Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Testing the Ripple Fisher Blue Current

Guest contributor,  Clayton Nichols tests the Blue Current 74.
The Blue Current 74 proved to be a very strong light gear rod, able to stretch to its max and handle any fish thrown at it if fished right. the solid tip allowed small lures to be cast a mile, and surface lures worked extremely well. The rest of the rod loaded up parabolicly creating a clean bend throughout the entire blank as if the 2 peice join't doesnt even exist.

The 74 Blue current itself is 99 percent carbon making it a crisp graphite rod. The small split grip ultra hard EVA handles let any bite, hit, take or tapping on pieces of structure can be felt through the entire rod. Fishing with the rod is not only pleasurable but practicle for all day fishing.

The 99 percent carbon blank, limited split grip sectioning and small real seat make the rod very light, the EVA grip marks for a comfortable area to hold onto with the same sensitivity as cork without the wear and tear on your hands. perfectly matched with the light Stradic ci4, 6 pound sunlight super PE and fished with the Sebile mini series lures this combo is a fish hunting machine.

The 74 picking up one of many tarpon in the few hour session

the blue current capturing yet anther flathead

perfectly camo'd up againt the mangroves this flatty was still
pulled out from the smooth and reiable power in the rod

tarpon slamming the perfectly worked plastics

stoked on the effort from this flathead darting from snag
to snag then into the fast current.

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