Thursday, October 31, 2013

Booth onboard with Team Honda Marine

Fishing writer, editor, author, presenter and ‘all-round nice bloke’ Stephen Booth is the latest industry identity to join Team Honda Marine.

Stephen’s lifelong passion for fishing has grown into a successful 20-year career, which began with a part-time job as a sales assistant with the Compleat Angler retail chain.

After completing an environmental science degree at university, Stephen moved on to an editorial role with Freshwater Fishing Australia and is currently the managing editor of Queensland Fishing Monthly, New South Wales Fishing Monthly and Victoria/Tasmania Fishing Monthly.

Along with having countless articles published over the years, Stephen has written two books, appeared on several television programs and is a regular on various radio shows up and down the east coast of Australia.

Honda Australia marine manager Robert Johnson said Stephen was a very welcome addition to Team Honda Marine.

“Well-liked for his honesty and willingness to assist in growing Australia’s fishing and boating industry, Stephen has a wealth of information to share with our community,” Mr Johnson said.

“As a Team Honda Marine Pro Angler, he’ll be sharing his favourite techniques for a range of species and how his Honda BF60 helps him achieve these results.”

With access to every outboard brand in the country, Stephen said his Honda BF60 was a “perfect complement” to his 4.8m Galeforce boat, which has been fully customised for freshwater, estuary and inshore fishing.

“Environmentally, you just can’t go past Honda and its advanced four-stroke technology,” Stephen said.

“Together with exceptional fuel economy and unequalled reliability, Honda really delivers the entire package.”

Promoting environmentally-friendly fishing and boating, Team Honda Marine – – encourages members' participation through competitions, blogs, special offers and more.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fishing Hawaii: Avoid the Subs and Navy Seals!

Our some time motoring journalist Digger, takes time out of his US trip testing out some great American made cars to try his hand fishing Hawaiian waters, avoiding Navy Seals and Nuclear subs on the way.

A recent trip to the USA gave me the opportunity to stop over in Hawaii to break the long trip back from the East Coast. I took the opportunity to get out on the salt water by taking a half day fishing charter on the 'Wild Bunch' out of Waikiki.

 'WildBunch' is a very nice looking 41' Hatteras and very professionally skippered by Dax and crewed by Opy. The boat was fully kitted out and had an awesome fighting chair in the rear deck. The chances of hooking a Marlin were pretty low as the season had just ended, but a quick lesson in how to use the chair, land the monsters, and some stories about the biggest fish and toughest fights were really entertaining.

We left the dock at 6am for the very short trip out of the harbour and stopped to pick up some live bait less than half a mile out. We were catching Cigar Minnows (much like our pillies) 10 to 20cm long which would be a tasty treat for Tuna, Mackerel or Mahi-Mahi, which the guys were expecting to be around.

After filling up the live-well, we were treated to a really spectacular sunrise over Diamond Head as we motored towards the outside entrance of Pearl Harbour.

It wasn’t long before we were trolling, using big skirted lures at a range of depths and spread. There is a big drop off that follows the shape of the shore about 1 mile out. The drop off has both living and fossilized reef and some big cliffs where the depth drops from 30m to 150m in a band about 100m wide almost right around of the island. While there weren’t many other charter boats around, we did have to give a wide berth to some Navy Seals training in RHIBs and an even wider berth to a big nuclear sub making its way out of Pearl Harbour.

The fishing wasn’t producing much in the way of our target species but we could see Dax and Opy were working really hard to find us something. When the sounder showed some good fish schooling at the top of a ‘cliff’ at about 30m deep, we changed rigs and hooked up some live bait. The Hawaiians use a single hook through the nose of the Minnows. I was a bit worried that there was enough hook presented for ‘tail biters’ but the guys assured me that the fish would be big enough to take the hook as well. The fish turned out to be Rainbow Runners, and we managed to get quite a few aboard about 1m long. The fish went straight off the bite once we ran out of live bait and just couldn’t be tempted with the frozen bait.

An interesting fact with the Hawaiian charters is the ‘fish policy’. All the fish caught are split up evenly between the charter; cleaned, skinned, filleted or however you prefer. This doesn’t apply to any individual fish over 100 pounds which is kept and sold by the crew. This allows the cost of the charter to be kept low, and provides a great incentive for the crew to put you on to some really good fish. Unfortunately, the guys would only make minimum wages on the day I went out.

It was a really good day out. Great weather, flat water, and even a few fish to top things off. An excellent way to break the trip and ease my way back in to work once I got home.

Words: Digger P Photos: Digger's personal album & Widlbunch charters

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lee Rayner's Fishing Edge - First Episode this Saturday 26th Oct

Join Lee Rayner in the first ever episode of Fishing Edge this Saturday on ONE HD! This episode sees Lee head to Port Stephens on the mid north coast of NSW which is known for its sensational blue water game fishing. On this trip Lee meets up with his good friend George Trinkler where they fish close to shore for big longtail tuna.

To view a preview of this episode click here

The premier of Lee Rayner's Fishing Edge can be seen this Saturday 26th October on ONE HD at the following times -

VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS - 5:00pm
QLD - 4:30pm
NT - 4:00pm
WA - 3:00pm
SA - 5:00pm

Please check your local guides for more information.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mark Twain Fishing Quote

"Don't tell fish stories where the people know you;
but particularly, don't tell them where they know the fish."
                                                Mark Twain

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chumming to catch fish - you need a secret weapon!

At Fishmax we get heaps of great fishing gear to review, and one of the latest gadgets to hit our desk has really impressed.

Called "The Secret Weapon", the manufacturers of this chumming device obviously feel it's something special, and so far we have to say we agree with the results.

In our humble opinion this is simply the best chum bomb we've tried. Easy to use, and with a patented operating mechanism to ensure that your chum is delivered at the right time and at the right depth, it fits all our criteria for a good chum bomb.

The trick is an adjustable weight cartridge, which puts control back in the angler's hand - with many Australian target species, chumming on the surface is simply a waste of time and money.

The Secret Weapon Chum Bomb is available at good fishing stores and online at for just $24.99 (including free shipping).

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Qld Cricketer Talks Fishing

Michael Kasprowicz with a PNG Black Bass

Queensland cricketing identity, fast bowler Michael Kasprowicz is also a keen fisherman. Kasprowicz was known for his swing and relentless and hard-working approach on the field, and he takes a similar approach to fishing, however the man known as the the "Subcontinent Specialist", for his unique ability to generate pace and take wickets in India finds that, like many of us, success doesn’t always follow him fishing.

When we asked him about his earliest fishing memory, Kasprowicz said “I was 8 years old and was armed with a rod, tackle box, a bucket and a block of frozen mullet gut to ‘empty’ the mouth of the Brunswick river. The bucket returned empty that day and seems to have remained ever since.”

He clearly loves fishing though, telling us that his most memorable fishing trip was to Melville Island in Australia’s far North. “The Melville Island fishing lodge in the Tiwi Islands is the most exotic place I’ve fished. It was awesome!” Kasprowicz told us. “The trip to Melville Island helped raise two hundred thousand dollars for the community. It was the brainchild of Guy Reynolds of Macquarie Bank and my mate Matthew Hayden. While the season wasn’t ideal and the barra weren’t on the ‘chew’, I was one of 20 people that enjoyed an amazing and truly rewarding week.”

Kasprowicz certainly enjoys fishing with his cricketing mates.  In response to our question about his favourite fishing spot, he answers with a grin “On Andy Bichel’s boat as he gets to clean it later.” And he enjoys telling us that his most memorable trip is out fishing Andy and Andrew Symonds on a trip to PNG. “I caught a horse of a ‘black bass’ - the biggest fish I’ve ever caught" For more on fishing PNG, be sure to follow our special feature on New Guinea Black Bass coming soon.

Words: Stevo Perry Pics: Michael Kasprowicz Personal Album

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cairns Black Marlin

Nothing beats the excitement of a fight with a powerful game fish and the thrill of bringing it in.

In early September every year, these highly prized queens of the marlin group flock to the waters off Cairns to breed and spawn along the 250 km stretch of the Great Barrier Reef. The stretch of the reef between Cairns and Lizard Island is the undisputed best place for anglers to catch the biggest Black Marlin in some of the best conditions in the whole world.  

The Marlin is one of the fastest species of fish. If you’ve ever attempted to reel one in, then you’ll know they’re also pretty strong. Black Marlins usually weigh in at around 750 kg, but greater weights have been recorded. If you want to try your hand at bringing in one yourself then hop on cheap flights to Cairns before the end of December, head out into the Coral Sea, and try your luck before they head back north. Or, plan your trip for next year.  But make sure you take advantage of the best big marlin fishing in the world. It’s right on our doorstep!

There are a few different options for getting out on the water and beginning your Black Marlin hunt. For serious anglers, the best way to take advantage of these superb conditions is to charter a multi-day trip and live aboard the boat (you can also sneak in some diving, snorkelling and swimming on the reef!). You’ll also be able to follow the fish as they move, and angle at various different locations on the reef.

Otherwise, many operators offer day trips from Cairns. Of course, Black Marlin are not the only fish that are going to give you a nibble. There’s plenty of Wahoo, King Mackerel, Tuna, Giant Trevally and Mahi Mahi that make perfect bait for the Marlin and a delicious dinner.

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a few bites from a monster marlin, not to mention hooking one, the fight and eventually bringing it in.  If you’ve got a few days to kill this Christmas season or are itching for some angling action, get up north to Black Marlin territory. 

For more info on Black Marlin fishing near Cairns, try

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The Blade Hull is Quintrex’s latest innovative new hull design to hit the market and it’s already making a name for itself as the smoothest, driest ride yet.
The Blade Hull which features across most of the new 2013 Quintrex Range has done away with ‘clicker’ style pressings in favour of new smooth look, side sheets.
The Blade Hull is created using advanced design software, virtual modelling and stretch forming technology resulting in a concave flare in the side and bottom sheets offering a smooth and stable ride at rest and underway.
With increased hull efficiency the Blade Hull sees boats perform better on lower horsepower with lower planning speeds and improved top-end speed.
Fine tuning the balance of convex and concave shapes the new Blade Hull cuts through choppy water and deflects spray with ease. 
The new Blade Hull also features a sharper deadrise and narrow shoulder for the ability to handle all water conditions.
Quintrex National Account Manger Cameron Wood said the new Blade Hull combined with the famous Flared Bow and the new smooth side pressings meant it was the most advanced Quintrex hull design ever.
‘There have been big changes for Quintrex this year with one of the biggest being the introduction of the new hull and the move to the modern plate look side. It has really given the range a fresh look- I don’t think customers will be able to resist the upgrade to a newer model.’
‘The Blade Hull performs with a near zero nose high attitude which is great for visibility at slower speeds and getting onto and coming off the plane is a breeze,’ Cameron said.
The New Blade Hull is featured across various models in the new 2013 Quintrex Range, for more information on the entire Quintrex Range head to