Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Fishmas!

Wow, it's been a great year with some awesome fishing and still a few days left of what looks like pretty good weather for most of the country. The team at FishMax wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable holiday break.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Stacer 519 Assault Pro a Mean Fishing Machine


STACER’S brand new serious fishing range the Assault Pro packs a punch with its new streamlined design and fishing features.

With a new hull shape featuring a sharper chine, sleek new gunnels and extra freeboard the 519 Assault Pro offers unbeatable stability at rest and cuts through swell with ease for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The redesigned 519 Assault is all about fishing with a rear casting platform including a live bait tank and front casting platform with a dual battery set up perfect for running an electric motor.

Built tough with the keen fisherman in mind the 519 Assault Pro features 4mm bottomsides and new modernised console for a sportier look with a wind deflector to protect the driver.

Stacer National Account Manager Drew Jackson said the new 519 Assault Pro was a game changer for Stacer’s fishing focussed range.

‘The new 519 Assault Pro really has set the mark for fishing boats and has been rated to 135hp to get you to your fishing spot quickly and includes a 77L fuel tank so you can stay out there all day.’

‘We have also extended the sides of the 519 Assault Pro by 120mm creating greater freeboard and ultimately better stability.’

‘You can option up the 519 Assault Pro to include a deluxe rod locker which can fit 4 rods up to 7ft in length and  you can even go one step further and upgrade to the electric rod locker,’ Drew said.

The 519 Assault Pro is available as a Stacer Ready 2 Go package complete with boat, motor, trailer and 3 year limited warranty for peace of mind.

For more information on the 519 Assault Pro or the entire Stacer Range head to

We Don't See the Problem

nrm 1417696036 erotic carp calendar 4 PICS: Apparently dead fish are now dead sexy. (NSFW)
One of our readers told us about sexy carp calendar or more correctly, this story about how it was such a bad thing! The calendar, known as The Carponizer  is designed to promote carp fishing in Germany.

Here is a  selection of the photos from the sexy fishing calendar. So what do you think?

And don't worry, no carp (or models) were hurt in the making of this calendar. The producers  say on Amazon:
"During the shoot greatest emphasis was placed on the well-being of carp and cute women"

And of course it was released just in time for Christmas.

1417696093 erotic carp calendar 5 PICS: Apparently dead fish are now dead sexy. (NSFW)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Check out the handy tips and tackle advice in this great video from Jarvis Walker on how to catch snapper on soft plastic lures!

Monday, December 1, 2014

WIN: one of five BBQ Buddy Fish Grillers!

You’ve landed a beaut, big fish and want to BBQ it to perfection. If you’ve got a BBQ Buddy Fish Griller you won’t risk ruining your catch!

And if you’re one of our five lucky winners, you’ll win one for free!

This you-beaut gadget is essentially a two-piece wire basket that latches together to hold your fish in place and in one piece while its cooking. BBQ Buddy Fish Griller eliminates the old issues of losing half your dinner when you try to turn the fish over, or having the fish tear when flipping it.

Made of a heavy duty metal, it has feet on both its top and bottom surfaces so your fish is always held above the grilling plate. 

The BBQ Buddy Fish Griller is sized at 390mm x 140mm. You can put a decent sized fish in it, and it works just as well in the oven too. Clean-up’s easy – it’s dishwasher safe.

At only RRP $15.95 from Bunnings,  it makes a great gift idea to suggest to the kids – and it’s a smart tool to have around if you’re planning on serving a nice big  fish for Christmas lunch or dinner!

And best of all, we've got 5 to give away. Simply send us an email telling us which species of fish you'd like to grill with your BBQ Buddy Fish Griller to go in the draw. Comp ends Midnight EST 10 December 2014. Winners drawn at random.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

FishMax Team Smashes the Big Ones with Vanuatu's Ocean Blue

Ranging from all round sport fishing, exclusive popping & jigging, bluewater game, remote live on board expeditions and unique sailfish expeditions, Ocean Blue is pretty fussy about getting you on the right fishing adventure!  They run a variety of scheduled trips throughout the year offering anglers the best possible experience & fishing adventure to suit each individuals needs and Snap, Stevo, Digger and Ian  from Team Fishmax had an awesome time smashing the big ones with Ocean Blue this October.

For a week of perfect weather and near perfect fishing, Skipper Eric and Decky Tom put the FishMax team on to the fish, with Yellowfin and Dog Tooth Tuna, Pike and Barracuda, Mahi Mahi and even Marlin all succumbing to the team's razor sharp hooks.

Running a fleet of 3 centre console American made Edgewater Boats,  the Ocean Blue team quickly get you out to where the fish are. The Ocean Blue gear is also top notch, with only one failure in a full week of hard fishing, and plenty of spare rods and reels on board, so even that failure didn't stop the fishing.

The Ocean Blue team cater to all types of fishing, but we were most keen to go over the larger trophy fish, so spent many hours trolling and popping for the big stuff, with a bit of jigging to break things up. No matter what style of fishing though, we were not disappointed. As well as hooking and fighting 3 beautiful blue marlin, the highlight was the Mahi Mahi run on the last day, with 5 beautiful fish on board.

Anthony and his team are not only willing to teach, but also listen, and so make sure you let them know what level of fisherman you are. From the complete novice to the experienced blue water fishermen, they'll make sure the experience is what you're looking for.

Their relationship with the locals is also fantastic, each boat ensuring that some of the catch went to to neighbouring villages.

And at the end of the day, returning to the lodge run brilliantly by Angele and her team, was a delight. The food was almost as good as the fishing and the chance to share a table with the other boats and compare stories, was well worth it. When we were there, one of the other boats landed a monster 87Kg Yellowfin Tuna, and we're sure when you're there you'll have some amazing stories too.

Possible Vanuatu Record 87kg Yellowfin Tuna

for more info, visit

Monday, November 10, 2014


New to the Stacer Range in 2014 the 619 Easy Rider offers great value as the largest in the bowrider series.

Released due to customer demand the new 619 Easy Rider offers the largest bow and cockpit space in the range and with room for up to 8 people the whole family really can enjoy a day out on the water.

The 619 Easy Rider really puts luxury first with a large cushioned bow lounge and new rear lounge featuring a wraparound backrest design eliminating sharp edges and creating ultimate comfort.

In line with the 2014 range the 619 Easy Rider also features the Low Profile Sports Deck with a design which sees the UV stable, moulded material extend further around the corners of the dash creating an aesthetically pleasing line.

The 619 Easy Rider was very impressive with its large bow lounge area in particular.

‘This year with our bowrider range we have proportioned the size of the bow area and cockpit space specifically to each model which has a seen an increase in bow sizes across the range,’ National Account Manager Drew Jackson told us.

Complete with 4mm bottomsides and 160L fuel tank and rated up to 200hp the 619 Easy Rider will keep the family entertained for hours on end.

With a ski locker, sound system with speakers and sounder included as standard there really is no limit with how much fun you can have in the 619 Easy Rider.

The 619 Easy Rider is available as a Stacer Ready 2 Go Package complete with a boat, motor, trailer and complete with 3 year limited factory warranty.

For more information on the 619 Easy Rider or the entire Stacer Range head to

10 Things to Check on Your Boat Trailer

Christian-2-e1374466572283A lot of people neglect to service their trailer every year and these trailers end up on the back of a tilt tray tow truck. Here are 10 trailer checks you can do yourself to help keep your trailer on the road.

1. Lights – For those of you who still have globed lights on your trailer make sure you check them to ensure all lights are working. Although your lights may have been marketed as ‘submersible’, I believe that if you can remove a lens to replace a globe then it is not fully submersible. If you have L.E.D. lights, make sure that on each light more than half of the diodes (round things in the light) light up on each light.

2. Tyres – Most trailer owners don’t think to check the condition of their tyres until it’s too late. Check the tread on your tyres for wear and the side walls for any cracks. If cracks appear in the tyre it’s an indication that the tyre is getting on in age and time to change.

3. Bearings – The cause of most trailer issues! To check the bearings jack the tyre off the road, place one hand at the top of the tyre and one on the bottom of the tyre, move the tyre back and forth to feel for any play (wobble). If you can feel play in the bearing then there’s a good chance that the bearings need to be changed. Better to do it now then be stuck on the side of the road traveling to your holiday destination.

4. Rust – Although most boat trailers are galvanised they are still prone to rust. You will usually find that cross members are the worst offender for rusting. If you notice some rust on your trailer, grab a wire brush and start rubbing it back. If you see raw metal that’s good, grab a can of cold gal (galvanised spray paint) and give it 2 coats for protection. If you can’t see raw metal then grab a solid object (like a screw driver) and start poking the rusted area. If you can poke straight through the rust then it’s time to have the trailer repaired.

5. Tow Coupling / Safety Chain – Trailer owners rarely think to check their coupling and safety chain before they hook up to their car. The coupling can easily detach from a tow ball if warn out and not locked on properly. Make sure your coupling fits onto the tow ball nicely and there is no play (movement) between the two. Ensure that there is grease in the coupling head and in the spring housing for those that have an override coupling (used on trailers with brakes). Check the safety chain for any wear or warping. It is common to see chains too long and dragging on the ground when towing. This will weaken the chain.

6. Winch Strap / Cable –The winch strap or cable can start to fray over time. Straps can tear, which although annoying, will only cause you to lose your boat back into the water. Cables can cause serious injury if the break while winching under load. The cable can flick back into the direction of the person winching and cause lacerations or worse still, loss of eye sight. Make sure you extend the strap or cable to its full reach and inspect for wear and tear.

7. Brakes – For those of you that have a trailer with a Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) over 750kg you must and will have a braking system on your trailer. If you don’t have brakes on your trailer and the GTM is over 750kg, get them fitted ASAP (it’s the law in Australia). Make sure your brakes are adjusted properly and there is plenty of brake pad left in your calipers. If you have rusted brake cable or brake line, have them changed before they break. It’s one thing to have brakes fitted to your trailer; it’s another for them to work.

8. Mud Guards – A lot of people use the mud guards on their trailer as a step to get into the boat. Make sure there are no cracks or sharp edges on the mud guard as these can cause injuries to feet and legs if the guards give way.

9. Springs – Suspension on a trailer is vital for Australian roads. If your trailer doesn’t have the right springs or they are damaged then it will cause the trailer more harm than good. If you notice gaps appearing between the leaves of the spring and compressed in the center, then it’s time to get a new set. Springs are what hold the axle, bearings, hubs and tyres to a trailer. If they break then it can cause a lot of damage.

10. Registration – It is becoming more and more common now for people to forget to register their trailer. Now that registration stickers don’t need to be displayed on a trailer, people are forgetting to take their trailers for registration checks and paying the registration. Make sure you keep your rego renewals in a visible spot until it’s due, that way you won’t be the one getting fined for not having your trailer registered.

Although this is a check list you can do yourself, if you are ever in doubt about the condition of your trailer it is always advised that you get your trailer looked at by a specialist. Make sure your trailer is safe, easy and enjoyable to use and enjoy your leisure time.

For further information contact Christian Bold  at

Friday, October 24, 2014

Club BCF Fish Niue

Many an Aussie angler dream of fishing Niue Island. Here is what Club BCF have to say:

While the average Australian might be at a loss if asked to pin Niue Island on a map, the team here at Club BCF caught wind that this small pacific Island paradise offered top-notch fishing and a relaxed lifestyle to match. Being one of the world’s smallest countries, the water (and fish) is never far away. It sounded like the perfect spot to send a couple of Club BCF members to investigate; a job that competition winners, father and son duo, Mike and Tom, relished.

The trip included seven nights accommodation at Matavai Resort, boasting breakfast on the balcony accompanied by a view of the open ocean and breeching whales. Being a BCF adventure, the trip wouldn’t be complete without wetting a line or two, so the boys also tried their luck on four fishing charters.

A range of pelagic fish were caught, including Barracuda, Wahoo and a couple of Mahi Mahi. A few Coronation Trout also joined the party after changing their technique to target demersal species.

If a remote island getaway is a part of your holiday plans, make sure you consider Niue Island. It’s the perfect hideaway to escape the holiday rush and offers some great fishing to boot.

read more....>>

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shimano Tips: How to Catch Squid Part 2

Part 2 of the "How to catch Squid" shows the Keimura Squid Jig and the advantages in using it. The type of rod, reel and line are also explained to enhance your chances of catching squid.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Quintrex’s popular Hornet range continues to be the boat of choice for serious fisherman and the F450 is proving to be one sought-after fishing rig.

The new design of the F450 Hornet maximises fishablity – the slimline sports console increases cockpit space and fishing access while the standard front and rear casting platform offer the perfect fishing spot wherever you may go.

Fully equipped for your next fishing trip the F450 Hornet is complete with a live bait tank in the back deck and tackle box tray as standard while the wide 2.1m beam creates a large front casting platform complete with a battery tray.

Quintrex National Account Manager Cameron Wood said the Hornet range has developed a cult following famous for the stability of the Eclipse V-Flared Hull.

‘The Eclipse Hull allows the beam to be wider at the bow for a larger front casting platform and cuts through choppy water well for all round stability,’ Cameron said.

‘The F450 Hornet is a great performer on the water and you can’t go wrong with the huge amount of features you get as the standard,’ Cameron added.

The F450 Hornet features a 77L underfloor fuel tank and a rating of 75HP meaning you can get to your favourite fishing spot quick and stay out there all day long.

Option up the F450 Hornet with a bow mount thruster plate, burley bucket, bimini and envelope, stereo and speakers and a deluxe rod storage locker for the keen fisherman

The F450 Hornet is available as a Quintrex Instant Boating Package including an engine, Quintrex Trailer and 3 year limited factory warranty.

For more information on the F450 Hornet or the entire Quintrex range head to

Friday, October 10, 2014

Shimano Tips: How to Catch Squid Part 1

For all those egi lovers to those who have no idea how to catch squid, part 1 shows a very informative piece on everything you need to know about catching squid. The different colors, sizes, retrieves and methods are explained with the Shimano Sephia Egixile Squid Jigs

Saturday, August 30, 2014

100 Years of WW1 - Lest We Forget

August 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, and many of us here at FishMax are history buffs, so its a great opportunity to read and learn more about the brave men and women who gave up so much so long ago.

A deeply moving first-hand account of the Gallipoli tragedy told in the voice of an ANZAC legend, No Better Death: The Great War diaries and letters of William G. Malone is a  poignant tale told through the letters and diary entries of Lieutenant Colonel W.G. Malone, the commander who led the assault on Chunuk Bair in Gallipoli only to be killed later that day in battle.

The book is the acutely insightful first-hand account of a man whose honesty, wit, knowledge and courage were evident throughout his story.  
Impressive and passion-laden the correspondence between the great commander and his family showcase the unbounded love that Malone had for those he left behind. A resource, which he constantly drew upon to help him through and overcome the fear of the life-threatening situations that he endured.

The writings also demonstrate Malone’s heroic leadership, humanity and overwhelming compassion he held for his men as he led them to battle.

Striking photography, most of which was taken by Malone himself, vividly illustrates the moving account of the tragedy, which we should never forget.

The story of his older sons, three of whom also served in the Great War, forms part of the narrative too. A story of family commitment and sacrifice which continues to 2012, when Malone’s great-great-grandson was sadly killed on active service in Afghanistan.

About the Editor: John Crawford is the New Zealand Defence Force Historian and has written on many aspects of the history of New Zealand Armed Forces and defence policy. In 2007 he edited, with Ian McGibbon, Exisle’s monumental book, New Zealand’s Great War, and in 2008 he edited The Devil’s Own War: The First World War Diary of Brigadier- General Herbert Hart. He is currently living in Wellington and writing a volume for the forthcoming First World War Centenary.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Savage’s 305 Punt is every outdoor enthusiast’s best friend, the perfect size to take away on all your holidays and camping trips this little boat will provide you with hours of on water fun.

The flat design and lightweight 42kg hull makes the 305 Punt the perfect car topper for your 4WD and is easy to launch and retrieve by yourself.

With a reputation for flexibility and ease of use the Punt has been a popular model throughout the years for Savage and continues to be a favourite.

Savage Director of Sales and Marketing Damien Duncan said the 305 Punt was great value for money whether you were after your first boat, a tender or car topper for your next camping trip.

‘There’s still enough room to take a couple of fishing rods and crab pots and you can easily get to locations in dams and rivers often out of reach to larger boats,’ Damien said.

This elementary boat has the bare essentials for boaters after an easy no-fuss boating experience; standard features include bow and transom handles and rear and front bench seats.  

However if you are looking for something a little more special the 305 Punt can be optioned up to include a bimini and envelope, navigation lights and switch, a painted hull and full length side rails.

The 305 Punt is available as a complete boat, motor and trailer package with a 3 year limited warranty to get keen fishermen straight out on the water with no fuss at all.

For more information on the 305 Punt or the entire Savage range visit

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pop Open a Cold One

Every now and then at FishMax we get a product that crosses our desk that we just can't get enough of, and The Bottlepop has got to be one of them!

Bottlepops are an amazing little beer opening gadget designed as talking bottle openers. Sturdy enough to sit at the bottom of the fishing bag, what we liked about them most is that they give one handed bottle opening, and hold the lid once removed so its not rolling around on the floor of the boat.

Launching in November 2013 Bottlepops are taking the Aussie beer drinking world by storm. No fishing one yet, but you can get them themed for Cricket, AFL, Volleyball and more. A great gift or even grab one for your self.

You can even get them customised with the name of your business or club and a portion of every sale goes to Cystic Fibrosis research.

Thanks to the guys over at Bottlepops, we've even got a few to give away. Just drop us an email at and tell us in 25 words or less why you need a Bottlepop. Entries close 7 September 2014. Winners drawn at random.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Gropper Eats Shark Amazing Video

Just as a boat of fishermen are hauling in a four-foot shark they get one hell of surprise!

Their catch is not far from the boat... then, BANG! A gigantic grouper snatches the shark off the line, apparently swallowing its fellow fish whole. The fishermen are left stunned, laughing and exclaiming: “He just grabbed him frigging whole!”

The shark is helpless on the line with the grouper looming to the left...
The shark is helpless on the line with the grouper looming to the left... Source: YouTube
BANG! The moment of impact...
BANG! The moment of impact... Source: YouTube
Then a brief look at how huge the grouper is...
Then a brief look at how huge the grouper is... Source: YouTube
And all the stunned fisherman can do is laugh.
And all the stunned fisherman can do is laugh. Source: YouTube

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fishing Funny

Four guys have been going to the same fishing trip for many years.

Two days before the group is to leave, Ron's wife puts her foot down and
tells him he isn't going.

Ron's mates are very upset that he can't go, but what can they do.

Two days later the three mates get to the camping site only to find Ron
sitting there with a tent set up, firewood gathered, and dinner cooking
on the fire.

"Ron, how long you been here?  How did you talk your missus into
letting you go ?"

"Well, I've been here since last night. After dinner at home yesterday
evening, I was sitting in my chair and my wife came up behind me and put
her hands over my eyes and said, 'Guess who ?'"

I pulled her hands off, and she was wearing sexy brand new lingerie.

She said she had been reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and she had a
devilish look in her eyes!!!

She took my hand and led me to our bedroom. The room had candles and
rose petals all over
On the bed she had handcuffs, and ropes !

She told me to tie her up and cuff her to the bed, so I did.

And then she said, "Do whatever you want."

So . . . . here I am !

Monday, August 4, 2014

Trolling Lures for Flatties - Hot Tips

If you're looking for some tips on how to catch flathead by trolling lures in estuaries then checkout this great little video from Jarvis Walker.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Honda’s Everywhere at Sydney International Boat Show!

Make sure you wear sunglasses to the Sydney International Boat Show this year, as there’ll be plenty of Honda silver shining in the stands!

Honda Dollars will be available on engines at the Webbe Marine Stand (Stand 425), alongside a great range of Sailfish and Stabicraft boats.

Middle Harbour Marine (Stand 202) will also have plenty of silver on display, with a pile of Honda BF2.3’s available for customers to walk away with at a bargain price.

At the Sirocco Marine South stand (Stand 354), you can discover the exciting combination of the new BRIG Eagle 480 inflatable and Honda BF100, as well as the combo’s of the BRIG Falcon 330 with a Honda BF20 and a BRIG Falcon 360 with the new Honda BF30 SRTD model.

All Honda outboards come with an industry-leading, standard 5-Year Warranty for domestic customers.

For more information on Honda’s range, visit

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How Not to Do it - Fishing with Grenades

It's long been a standing joke that the best way to catch lots of fish is with a stick of TNT, but is it really?

There's no doubt that an explosion will kill fish, but here are a couple of Russian fishermen who show us that its a bad idea to use a granade to catch fish, and not just because it's illegal!

Seen a funny fishing video? Then let us know at

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Get out past the breakers

(click to enlarge)

We just had to share this great photo sent in to us by one of our readers. Fantastic display of good old Aussie initiative and a great way to get out past the breakers when surf fishing.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Frozen Fish Anyone?

Here's a new take on fish in aquariums!  Online news outlet CNET recently reported on the Kori no Suizokukan (Ice Aquarium) in Kesennuma, northeastern Japan, which packs about 450 specimens of marine life frozen in large columns of ice bathed in blue light. Visitors are able to see 80 fish species (all frozen) including saury, octopuses, crabs, and skipjack,

Japanese ice aquarium visitor views the frozen fish!
Opened to the public in 2002 in a japanese seafood market, the Ice Aquarium uses flash-freezing technology to preserve fresh fish unloaded in Kesennuma's port on the Pacific Ocean. Inside, the ambient air is a cool minus minus 20 C, and guests have to don parkas to keep warm!

Want more pictures of the Japanese Ice Aquarium? Take a look here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Corio Bay + Soft Plastics = Flathead

Guest contributor Rhett Thorne from Mad Keen Yak Angling targets Flathead, Rock Cod and Barramundi off Corio Bay Central Qld. 

Sunrise over Corio Bay

After launching the boat in the upper reaches of Waterpark Creek at Corbetts Landing we headed down the passage at sunrise. I was fortunate enough to be invited by Daniel and Renee to fish with them for the day in Corio Bay targeting mainly Dusky Flathead, Goldspot Rockcod and Barramundi.

We started by casting our soft plastic lures over a sand flat for the first target fish, dusky flathead. The tackle I was using was my Okuma Flame 30 and my Okuma graphite Travel Spin spooled with Sufix DuraFlex monofilament. It wasn’t long before we were landing flathead around the 35-45cm mark, tagging and releasing them.

The writer's first fish of the day

After changing locations, we commenced casting our soft plastics at the flathead up close to the banks. Renee was soon hooked up to the largest flathead so far that measured 52cm and had already been tagged. The tag code and fish length was recorded so it could be reported as a recapture.

It was around then that we noticed a couple of other anglers that skillfully landed their small boat directly on top of a shallow sandbar. We were deep into discussion about whether their desired fishing spot was intentional, the answer becoming apparent when they jumped out to push the boat off the sandbar.

Large Flatty caught on the writer's Okuma Combo
With the outgoing tide we again changed our location to a slightly deeper section where we cast hardbodies in hope for barramundi lurking around the rock piles for mullet and herring. Daniel hooked I nice fish which put up a good fight, but disappointingly turned out to be a pesky barracuda. With no further luck we put our baitcasters away and continued casting our soft plastics around some rocks that met a sand flat. We caught a few more flathead and some goldspot rockcod over the rocky area. I decided to cast my lure up towards the sandflat and twitched a few times. As soon as the lure started to sink I kept the tension on my line and felt the most subtle bump. My line zigzagged and ran through the water. As I tightened the drag of my Flame 30, the bend in my Okuma Spin rod increased. The fish slowly came closer to the boat where Daniel was awaiting it with the landing net. The fish was one hefty Dusky Flathead measuring 65.5cm which was the biggest flatty of the day, and a new P.B for myself.

65.5 cm Dusky Flathead tagged and released
Soon after, we started heading back up Waterpark Creek and continued to cast our hardbodies in the hope of a couple nice barra. I was using an Okuma V200a baitcaster on an Okuma Travel rod which produced accurate casts into the snags, especially with my floating Rapala saltwater X-rap in the albino shiner colour. After alot of non productive casts, Daniel caught the one and only Barramundi of the trip. A couple casts later he hooked a flathead on his hard body barra lure.

The total catch of the day was 30 dusky flathead, 6 goldspot rockcod, 5 wire net rockcod, 1 barracuda and 1 barramundi. Not a bad day when 36 of the fish are tagged and all the fish are released to live another day.

Thorne loves is Okuma Combos
Words and Pics: Rhett Thorne -  reproduced with permission. Read more of Rhett's fishing adventures at Mad Keen Yak Angling.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Land Based Game Fishing In Australia

Nathaniel Boldizs with potentially the largest landed Marlin to date off the rocks.
Those brave souls who enjoy Australian land based game fishing take part in one of Australian sport fishing’s ultimate challenges! Tackling huge fish from rock ledges has become hugely popular over the last few decades with some truly phenomenal captures and the sand stone ledges around Jervis Bay are the spiritual heartland.

Shimano Fishing has just published  a fantastic article by Scott Mitchell with some amazing photos and great tales of awesome land based marlin fishing and land based tuna fishing in Australia's hottest spot, so check it out!
Robert Barrett’s 131kg marlin

Read this amazing story and see more awesome Australian land based marlin photos in the latest article on Shimano's website.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Night Fishing with No Batteries - Lightweight and Waterproof LuminAID.

If you enjoy getting out for a spot of shore based night fishing, you no doubt also burn through the batteries in your torch, electric lamp or headlamp. Kathmandu has a great solar powered lamp which can help.

Although it doesn't come cheap at $39.99, weighing in at just 85 g,  Kathmandu's  LuminAID makes a great travel companion for the night fisherman.

This solar-powered, inflatable light packs flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern. Throw it in your tacklebox  for your next night fishing expedition and with up to 12 hours of LED light  on approximately 7 hours of direct sunlight chargin, it's streets ahead of many of the alternatives.

While we initially thought the "inflatable" part of the LuminAID looked quite flimsy, it withstood the rough handling we gave it and the product definitely gives out enough light to pack and unpack your fishing gear, although you will need to switch it to the brighter of the two modes (which means a shorter running time)  if you want to do fine work such as tying notes. 

Kathmandu also believes in giving back, so for every 10 LuminAID lights sold, Kathmandu will donate one light to the Australian Himalayan Foundation (AHF). The AHF will distribute these lights to communities where people do not have access to a reliable source of electricity, providing them with a clean, safe and reusable light source.

To order, visit 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

120cm Saltwater Barra Caught @ Shadycamp Mary River NT

Fantastic pic from reader Tim who bagged this 120cm Saltwater Barramundi while flicking lures on the Mary River in the Northern Territory.

Tim tells us that he went to a mate's place to borrow a mower, got talking and ended up going fishing instead! This magnificent fish was the result and best of all it was Tim's first ever legal Barra. Tim took a quick pic, gave the fish a kiss and threw him back, so it's there for the next guy. Well done mate!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Honda Celebrates 50 Years With Its Biggest Ever Sale

To celebrate its 50th Anniversary Honda is giving away up to $2,500 ‘Honda Dollars’ with the purchase of selected Honda outboards during the months of May & June.

And unlike other sales that focus on one or two products in particular, this campaign will see huge giveaways on a variety of models throughout the impressive Honda lineup.

Retail customers who purchase throughout May or June a BF60 will receive $1,250*; a BF75 or BF90 will receive $1,300*; a BF115, BF135 or BF150 will receive $2,000*; and customers who purchase a BF175, BF200, BF225 or BF250 will receive a whopping $2,500*.

Honda Dollars can be taken directly off the purchase price of the outboard or boat package, or any other product in-store at the time of purchase.

Full terms & conditions are available in store and on Honda Marine website –

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Brisbane Tinnie and Tackle Show 2014 a Hit

Once again they 2014 Brisbane Tinnie & Tackle Show delighted, with great crowds and lots of fantastic gear and boats on display.

Attracting over 30,000 visitors to the Brisbane Show Grounds it was not just the boats that people flocked to see with special guests like the Australian Wildlife environmental warriors the Irwins, with Terri, Bindi and Robert entertaining the crowds on WAECO Outback Stage over the weekend and Chris 'Brolga' Barnes, aka Kangaroo Dundee, shared stories about his experiences and answering questions.

The Action Arena presented by Isuzu UTE was a big crowd pleaser, with the Isuzu UTE Team D-MAX action experience, the Monster truck, and the Can Ams and Xtreme 4x4 time trials all attracting plenty of interest.

Crowds also got to see the elite of the fishing world, with event ambassador Paul Worsteling joined on the Engel Fishing Stage by Mark Taylor in standing-room only presentations.

Also extremely popular were the Engel Fishing Stage's shows by Dave 'Nugget' Downie, Jason Medcalf and Jason Ehrlich, as well as Bart Beek's cooking demonstrations on the Club Marine Cooking Stage.

For more pics and reports, check out the official Tinnie & Tackle Show website

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vishing Vanuatu for Dogtooth on Jigs and GTs on Poppers

This short film clip was shot over a few days popping and jigging the waters all within easy reach of  the Trees & Fishes Anglers Lodge Vanuatu. In this Vanuatu fishing video you'll experience what it is like sport fishing in Vanuatu with Ocean Blue, stepping onboard their32ft EdgeWater Azzurra & fishing some of our favourite waters with guide Andrea Traverso.

On this journey you’ll get hooked up to some unstoppable dogtooth tuna on jigs, battle some big GT’s on poppers and account for some excellent dogtooth tuna on popping gear.

Friday, March 28, 2014

ET in PNG after BB

ET goes to PNG after Black Bass in this episode which premiers on the Discovery Channel this Sunday. Check it out!  The elusive Black Bass from New Guinea is famous amongst anglers everywhere (Fishmax sent it's own team after them a couple of years ago). If you've got a PNG Black Bass story, we'd love to hear it!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Honda Marine Turns 50 Years Young

2014 is a milestone year for Honda, with the company celebrating the 50th anniversary of the very first Honda four-stroke outboard engine, the GB30. A modest 4hp engine, it represented the noble ambitions of Honda’s founder, Soichiro Honda, to manufacture only four-stroke engines for the benefit of the environment and generations to come.

Now, with a range that stretches from the BF2.3 to the mighty BF250 – and includes the latest additions, the BF80 & BF100 – Honda Marine continues to be a leader in four-stroke outboard engine technology.

“Honda has to make environmentally-friendly products; therefore we must build four-stroke outboards,” Mr Honda said in 1964. “I don’t care if everyone is making two-stroke outboards, Honda must make four-stroke outboards.”

Honda Australia General Manager – Marine, Victor Colcott, sees 50 years in any industry as an impressive achievement, let alone one as competitive as the Australian marine industry.

Given the changes that this industry has gone through over the past five decades,” Mr Colcott said, “it is a testament to Honda that we are still a leader in the industry when it comes to environmentally-friendly innovation and performance.

“We’ve grown our range to cater for all boating enthusiasts. From the unbridled performance of our high-horsepower engines all the way down to the convenience of our portable range, there’s something for everyone.

“To everyone who has ever bought a Honda outboard, and to all Honda Marine dealers and staff around Australia, thank you. Here’s to the next 50 years!”

To keep up-to-date on all Honda’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, including a competition later in the year, visit or search #HondaMarine50Years on Twitter.
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Friday, March 7, 2014

Brisbane Tinnie and Tacke Show Ticket Giveaway

Thinking of getting yourself down to the Tinnie & Tackle Show in Brisbane. We just love this great opportunity to check out all  the latest boats and gear, and maybe even pick up a show special.

There's also always heaps of great stuff to see on the stages and Paul Worstelling always brings in the crowds and plenty of hands on fun for the kiddies.

If you are thinking of going, here are all the important details you'll need to know about the Brisbane Tinny & Tackle Show:

Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane

2014 Show Dates

Fri 4 - Sun 6 April 2014

Opening Times

Fri 9am - 6pm
Sat 9am - 6pm
Sun 9am - 5pm

Ticket prices

Adults $18.00
Seniors $12.00
Kids Under 15 FREE
Adult 2 Day Pass $25.00

For more info, visit

Thanks to the great guys at Marine Qld we've got 10 double passes to giveaway (kids under 15 are free, so take the whole family).

Simply email us at and tell us in 25 words or less what the perfect day fishing means to you. Hurry, entries close Midnight March 21, 2014.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Bowrider Release from Quinnie

Quintrex’s new bowrider release, the 530 Cruiseabout aims to be a boat to be enjoyed by the whole family.

With fresh and modern plate look sides, the 530 Cruiseabout is built with tough 4mm bottom sheets and the new Quintrex Blade Hull. The new Blade Hull is featured across the entire range and built with Quintrex’s famous Stretch Forming Technology, offering the stable and soft ride Quintrex boats are renowned for. 

There is plenty of room for relaxing in the 530 Cruiseabout with a large and luxurious front lounge and a new Rear Folding Lounge, which can be folded flush against the transom when extra space is required.

With room for up to seven friends or family members and rated up to 115hp the 530 Cruiseabout is the perfect option for taking some time out on the water.

Adding to its new look the 530 Cruiseabout features a new look Dash and Raised Top Deck constructed from a UV stable material.

While the new Dash allows room for larger electronics to be mounted and provides better visibility of the gauges, the Raised Top Deck is complemented with a new low profile wind screen.

Quintrex National Account Manager Cameron Wood said the UV stable, scratch and stain resistant moulded Top Deck combined the strength of aluminium with the aesthetic lines of moulded products.

‘The composite material used to create the moulded Top Deck has previously been used in the automotive industry and we have adapted it for marine use,’ Cameron said.

‘The 530 Cruiseabout has a great design that maximises space, the new transom design actually increases the internal space by 180mm and with better cable guides it creates a clutter free boat,’ he said.

The 530 Cruiseabout is available as a Quintrex Instant Boating Package including boat, BRP motor and Quintrex trailer complete with a three year limited factory warranty.

For further information on the 530 Cruiseabout and the entire Quintrex Range please visit

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What do do when the wind picks up?

There is nothing worse then spending a couple of weeks planing a trip out on the boat only to have the wind come up and blow all your dreams of a great catch away.

Unfortunately this happens far to often, but we've come up with a way to take your mind off the disappointment when landside. Paintballing!

With over 30 paintballing sites Australia wide, the leader in this fun packed warfare simulation sport is The Ministry of Paintball. Check out how much fun you can have at their website.

And even better, we've got 8 amazing VIP entry passes (valued at $45 each) to give away to a lucky FishMax reader. Simply email and tell us why you and 7 mates should get these tickets. Hurry, entries close Midnight March 6, 2014.