Monday, October 8, 2012

Most fishos know that the NT Times is a terrific source of entertaining news stories (particularly croc stories!) but here is one that recently caught our eye.

According to the NT Timesten Indonesian fishermen were recently arrested for "blast fishing" in Australian waters near the Tiwi Islands and another ten were caught using the same dangerous method off the coast of Broome, WA.

According to the report illegal foreign fishing activity in Australian waters has  reportedly dropped from 367 vessels and 2961 people in 2005-06 to just 12 vessels and 68 fishers in 2011-2012 but its still a problem. The boat in question was caught near Evans Shoal - north of the Tiwi Islands and contained explosive detonators and 200kg of fish, mainly red snapper while the boat captured off the coast of WA contained more than 320kg of dried and fresh fish, sea cucumbers, shark flesh and fins, and sea snails.
Fishing with explosives might seem funny, but unfortunately, it is serious business causing untold environmental damage and of course, it's down right dangerous!

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