Monday, October 22, 2012

Black Marlin Jumps on Deck

The media is buzzing with reports about a Cairns Black Marlin jumping on the deck of the sports fishing boat Little Audrey just last week.

For those of you who haven't yet seen the amazing video of a 600 lb (250kg) Black Marlin launching itself on to the deck of the Little Audrey, you can see it right here:

According to the Cairns Post, the amazing black marlin video was shot when seven friends on a six-day catch-and-release fishing trip off Cooktown hooked the huge fish.

Little Audrey skipper Daniel Carlson said the crew was lucky to walk away unharmed when the marlin's spear-like snout came straight at them. "We were out there heavy tackle fishing up the Reef when this 600-pound marlin latched on and was fighting for about five minutes and started backing down," he said.

"But then it's done the big U-bolt, spun around and jumped into the boat and just missed a few people.
"It was thrashing about for a few seconds but jumped back out and swam away."

The incredible marlin jumping on to boat video was taken by onboard cameras and shows the action from several angles.

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