Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brisbane Boatshow Numbers Down

Last weekend saw what was billed as the biggest and most diverse Brisbane Boat Show in its 51 year history, and while we certainly enjoyed ourselves, there are mixed reports from attendees.

It appeared to the writer, that numbers were well down on previous years and more than one exhibitor told us that they had not received anywhere near the level of interest from potential customers they were expecting. A number of attendees told us that they felt the show lacked the sort of "show deals" that could not be found elsewhere but no doubt the tough economic conditions are responsible for lacklustre sales results.

On the up side, the feedback on the performances from the Fishing and Boating Stage was generally positive, particularly Brett Thomson's discussion of lures at the Yamaha Supertank,  and the interactive sailing demonstrations presented by Yachting Queensland and the Kids Marine Zone appeared popular amongst the younger visitors.

There certainly where lots of boats to look at (and dream over) with more than 100 exhibitors who brought in more than 400 boats, dozens of PWC’s, hundreds of engines and plenty of marine electronics and accessories with the 37ft Boston Whaler and the Sea Ray 370 Sundancer high on many peoples wish list.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lauren Jackson says No Bananas on the Boat

Basketballer Lauren Jackson Reels in Salmon
We loved this story about Australia's hottest basketball export Lauren Jackson teaching American's about the "no bananas on the boat" rule!
According to the Seattle Times, Lauren was recently fishing with some of her Seattle Storm team mates and no one was having much luck, until Lauren realised some of her team mates had bananas on board! The  6'5" Aussie who plays forward-center and is the only WNBA player to compete in two Olympic Games and two World Championships for Australia, quickly sorted her team mates out.

Perhaps Lauren had heard the storey from Liz Ellis. Regular readers will recall Liz told FishMax that she learned the hard way about bananas and fishing.

And best of all, once Jackson got rid of the bananas, she hooked up on a couple of nice salmon!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Marlin off Australian East Coast

Here is a great clip of some awesome Marlin Fishing from the boys at Gorilla Game Fishing. The underwater camera is a blast!

Fishing Action Clip 01 from Toby Denneen on Vimeo.

The Gorilla is a tag-and-release only boat, and skipper Brett Thomas and his crew offer some great charter fishing options, and are not afraid to put in the hard yards to go after the big fish. For more info, take a look at http://www.gorillagamefishing.com/

And no, we understand the girls at 1:19 on the clip are not included! :)

Fishing by the Book?

All those years I used to tell mum I was at the library when I was really fishing, and I never thought of this one!

The Cohoes Public Library in New York State, USA, now has 5 fishing rods that are ready to lend out! All you need is your library card and they loan them out like any other library resource.

Hemingway would have been 112
The details:
•They have 5 fishing rods rigged with a bobber and hook.

•You may borrow them for 7 days, after which they must be returned (in good condition, please) or renewed.

•You are responsible for following all necessary and appropriate rules and regulations.

• You need a fishing licence

Maybe you should pick up a good fishing book while you are there? How about something by Earnest Hemingway whose birthday was recently celebrated by the library. The "Old Man and the Sea" author and legendry fisherman, would have been 112 on 21 July.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holy Sh*t or Bull Sh*t: Did Boy Fishing Catches Severed Foot?

Gruesome discovery fished up
Last week we showed  you a photo a reader sent in claiming to show a severed foot fished up by a boy in a US Lake.

It's a pretty grusome story and its true that strange things happen when fishing, but this one isn't quite as horrible as it sounds.

According to US media reports and reports from Lake County Sherriff's Office in Lake Marie, Maine,  a boy fishing hooked what he thought was a human foot, but after several hours of searching by police divers, it was determined that the foot came from a Halloween prop.

Divers and sonar teams spent nearly nine hours searching Lake Marie, near Antioch, after the boy hooked the foot and reeled it to within three feet of his boat before it fell back into the murky lake water. A spokesman said the search was launched because the boy was considered a reliable source.

The fake foot was found Wednesday evening with the use of sonar.“ Needless to say everyone involved is relieved that the foot turned out to be a fake one,” Lake County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Christopher Thompson said.

I bet it gave the boy quite a scare though!

Don't forget, if you've seen a big fish photo, crazy fishing video, wierd fishing tail or tall fishing story that sounds too good to be true send it in to holy@fishmax.com.au and our team of reporters and experts will investigate and tell you whether they are truely "Holy Sh*t" or "Bull Sh*t"!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Looking for some Freshwater Fishing Tips?

Good rain earlier in the year means that freshwater fishing in various places in Australia is looking a lot better.

To help you get the best results when freshwater fishing,  Rapala VMC Australia has launched a great series of freshwater fishing seminars in Victoria and Tasmania under the title "Freshen Up!".
Presented by Fishing Australia's host Rob Paxevanos, and Adventure Bound's Scott Gray (Victoria only). The seminars cover all the basics of freshwater angling including: gear & terminal setup; lure choice; land based & boating techniques; selecting a likely fishing spot and more – there's sure to be something for all freshwater anglers.

The Dates & Venues of Rapala VMC Australia's Freshen Up! seminars are as follows:

  • 22/08/2011 - The Point, West Park, Burnie TAS.
  • Contact Tassie Tackle Outdoor on 03 6431 6500.
  • 23/08/2011 - North Launceston Football Club C/- Aurora Stadium, Invermay Rd, Launceston TAS.
  • Contact Fishing Gear on 03 6326 5990, or Tamar Marine Launceston on 03 6331 6188.
  • 24/08/2011 - Lindisfarne Football Club Rooms, Anzac Park, Lindisfarne TAS.
  • Contact Spot On Fishing Connection on 03 6234 4880.
  • 9/09/2011 - Wagga Wagga Boat Club, Lake Albert, Plumpton St, Wagga Wagga NSW.
  • Contact Compleat Angler Wagga Wagga on 02 6921 4313.
  • 20/09/2011 - Inside Outback, 6-10 Clyde Street, Myrtleford VIC.
  • Contact Inside Outback on 03 5752 2392.
  • 21/09/2011 - Hooked on Bait & Tackle, 159 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing VIC.
  • Contact Hooked On Bait & Tackle on 03 9748 3811.
  • 22/09/2011 - Compleat Angler Dandenong, 241-243 Princes Hwy, Dandenong VIC.
  • Contact Compleat Angler on 03 9794 9397.
  • 23/09/2011 - Stawell Football/Netball Club Rooms, Central Park, Napier St, Stawell VIC.
  • Contact Stawell Sports Power on 03 5358 1038.

Bookings are essential so please contact your preferred venue on the number above.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trout Fishing in NZ Back Country

Would you trek mountains, brave snow storms, and hike for days just to fish some of the most beautiful trout streams in the world? Hell Yeah!

Greenstone Trailer from Chris Keig on Vimeo.

Check out this great trailer for a new movie by  Taylor Kirkpatrick and Harwick Caldwell about their backcountry New Zealand for trout and if you like what you see you can buy your own copy of the movie here.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Warmer Months Mean More Fish on the Barbie

Do You Have the Best BBQ Whole Snapper Recipe?
Soon the days will be longer and warmer and that means getting some of our catch on to the barbie. In September we'll be looking at the best ways to barbeque fish and seafood.

Got a great BBQ fish recipe? Send it in to us at recipes@fishmax.com.au and if we use it you'll win a great FishMax.com.au T-Shirt valued at $29.99.

In the mean time, and just in time for for Father’s Day, Wiltshire Bar.B has launched some new, practical items to make BBQing fish even more satisfying and FishMax has four prize packs valued at $39.97 each to give away to our readers.

Each pack includes the really handy Wiltshire Bar.B Hot Plate Liner. It’s washable, reusable, non-stick and lasts for years, saves a lot of mess and is ideal for using on public barbies. (You can get them from Coles).

Cooking fish on the BBQ this father's day?

The set also includes the clever new Wiltshire Bar.B Egg Rings. They have foldable handles that make lifting them from the barbie plate so much easier… and of course they keep your eggs from running into the other foods. (you can buy these from Bunnings)

Finally there is the expert barbecuer’s tools set - the Precision Tong and Precision Spatula (also available at Bunnings). The nifty spatula has a built-in bottle opener and Santoku grooves down the blade for easier release of foods. This works particularly well on whole fish or fish fillets cooked with the skin on.

Each prize set is valued at $39.97.  To win simply provide your name and email in the below form before Midnight Sunday 28 August. Four lucky winners will be  drawn at random from all entrants.

* We take your privacy seriously. We'll never sell or giveaway your details or send you SPAM.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Holy Sh*t or Bull Sh*t: Boy Fishing Catches Severed Leg

Fishing Boy Finds Severed Foot?
Seen a crazy fishing photo or video and want to know if it's real? Send it in to holy@fishmax.com.au and our reporters will track down the truth, and declare whether it's Holy Sh*t or just plain Bull Sh*t.

This week, we received this photo from a reader who claims that it was taken by an American boy who fished up a severed leg while fishing in a lake in Maine.

The photo certainly looks real, but was it really fished up by a little boy? We've asked our reporters to dig deeper and we'll let you know as soon as we do whether this wierd fishing photo is true or not.

Don't forget, if you've seen a big fish photo, crazy fishing video, wierd fishing gear or tall fishing story that sounds too good to be true send 'em all in to holy@fishmax.com.au and our team of reporters and experts will investigate and tell you whether they are truely "Holy Sh*t" or "Bull Sh*t"!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red to Red and Straight Ahead

North West Island Red Session - by East of the Capricorn

Firstly, a bit about the skipper - Stu, Stu targets Reds! Meaning Red Emperor and having lived in Gladstone Queensland now for the past 35 years, Stu has his spots! So needless to say his freezer is always stocked with Emperor fillets for the evening cook ups.

The boat used is a Haines Hunter 580 Breeze, powered by a Johnson 140 hp four stroke. This boat handles chop like it’s not even there, just cutting her way through. The 140 Johnson 4 stroke is an extremely fuel efficient engine burning less than a litre a nautical mile and pushes the Haines along at a top speed of 36 knots. Bait was the standard 3 x 2.5 kg blocks of pilchards and 2 x 2 kg blocks of squid. Having taken a block of pillies and a block of squid out of the esky at north entrance, it was ready to put to good use when we arrived at Stu’s spot.

Dawn broke to a great morning, a light 10 to 12 knot southerly breeze. Launching the boat at 5:30 am at the main Gladstone boat ramp near the yacht club was quick and easy.
There was a little chop on the water at north entrance, so not perfect, but still very manageable as the Haines ploughed through at 21 knots. We had a bit over two hours of travelling time before we arrived at where we would begin to fish, a spot off North West Island!

There is something about arriving at a fishing location where a tropical island is visible, and the early morning flight of the sea birds can be seen as they head out to catch their breakfast and food for their young. The wind was abating, and was now down to about 8 knots, so everything was looking better and better.

As the GPS alarm announced our arrival at Stu’s secret spot, all eyes were on the sounder. Then right on queue the depth started to drop and fern was visible on the edge of the drop off. Matt flew up to the bow ready for Stu’s call to drop anchor, and set the anchor in a depth of about 53 metres (Thank god Stu had a bouy to lift the anchor, as I am sure Matt would of had a heart attack lifting it from that depth!).

As Matt came around the cab from the bow he saw Stu locked on to a good fish as the bugger was quick to throw a bait on, and get it to the bottom! After some blistering runs and Stu’s arms looking like they had been lengthened by at least 6 inches, we had colour! A damn shark, of about 6 or 7 foot came up from the depths! As Stu started re-rigging, my bait sailed down the depths to the bottom.

We were all hoping that we had not just arrived in Sharksville for breakfast or feeding time, when bang, Matt was on! Holy sh*t, this thing was shaking its head and fighting hard with some blistering runs back to the bottom! Yep this was a nice fish, or was it just another shark? Matt was now being a little casual fighting this fish as he assumed it was just another shark!
Then as colour appeared Stu dived for the leader and dropped on board a nice 11 kg Red for Matt! Then the grin appeared on Matts face and it was priceless, he was one very happy fisho! (As we all would be if we’d just landed a 11 kg Red Emperor!) Matt baited up again and sent his rig sailing back to the bottom for another round. As Matt now had a chance to look around he said to Stu,” check out the weather”. The wind had dropped and was now zero! How much better could this day get? Red on the deck and no wind, perfect!

As Stu’s rig hit the bottom, he had a bit of an enquiry, just the softest touch. Stu let him have a bit of line, then struck back, to hooked up solidly on what felt like Godzilla! His 40 kg outfit with a Shimano TLD 25 was now bet double, the drag peeling line out. This was one very good fish! As the fish’s initial run finished, Stu settled back for the fight and worked the fish towards the surface. After seeing the rod tip bobbing up and down with the head shaking, Matt suggested that this was just another shark, but Stu doesn’t give in til he has colour. Then from the depths, a quick flash of red, this was indeed a very good emperor. After another 20 minutes of up and down Stu finally had his best red ever on the surface. A well placed gaff shot by Matt had him safely on board. 15 ½ kg of Red muscle fish!! Man this fish is a monster and Stu’s new PB!

Over the next 4 hours, 3 more big reds were caught, another 5 won the battle and were lost. What a day! As all good things must come to an end, we picked the anchor up and turned the 580 Breeze for home, tired but extremely content! Another great day fishing “East of the Capricorn”.

Largest Fishing Lure in the World

Australian fishermen know that bigger ain't necessarily better (although don't try and convince a Barra fisherman), but yet again, our American fishing cousins don't seem to have got the memo.

This week the Guiness Book of Records officially recognised the World's Biggest Fishing Lure, measuring in at 10 feet, 10 inches long, plus a two-foot metal treble hook at the bottom and weighing more than 355 pounds, this big lure is located at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, in Destin Florida (USA, of course!).

Mark Davis and a team of nine took more than 10 months to plan and build the giant lure - which is 24 times larger than its base design, a 5 ½ inch fishing lure made by local legend David Partridge, owner of Flatliner Lures.  Davis was inspired to create the World's Largest Fishing Lure by his wife, Mary Ellen and her family who were some of the original settlers in the Destin area in the late 1800's and who have always been involved in the fishing industry.

While it might not be reeling in giant fish anytime soon, The World's Largest Fishing Lure will be on permanent display at SS Spitfire Mercantile at Sandestin and is expected to attract plenty of admirers.

We'd like to see the rod that could caste this one!

The big lure's home, Destin Florida, has a long history of recreational fishing. It has been named the "World's Luckiest Fishing Village" and is known internationally for the splendor of the Choctawhatchee Bay and its quick access to deep water. Destin is the home of the Fishing Rodeo each October and the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic, hosted by Sandestin each June, is ranked one of the top 10 billfish tournaments in the world.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fishing Writing's Founding Father?

Izaac Walton: The World's First Fishing Writer?
Did you know it was Izaac Walton's birthday this week? Do you know who Izaac Walton is?

Born in 1593, Izaak Walton was arguably the world's first full time fishing enthusiast and as the first person to write a book on fishing could be considered the granfather of all fishing writers. Called The Compleat Angler and first published in 1653, Walton's book celebrating his love of fishing and was still in print 350 years later!

The Compleat Angler included various poems about fishing, including this one:

Oh the gallant Fisher's life,
It is the best of any,
'Tis full of pleasure, void of strife,
And 'tis belov'd of many:
Other joyes
are but toyes,
only this
lawful is,
for our skill
breeds no ill,
but content and pleasure.

In a morning up we rise,
Ere Aurora's peeping,
Drink a cup to wash our eyes,
Leave the sluggard sleeping:
Then we go
to and fro,
with our knacks
at our backs,
to such streams
as the Thames,
if we have the leasure.

When we pleas to walk abroad
For our recreation,
In the fields is our abode,
Full of delectation.
Where in a brook
with a book,
or a Lake,
fish we take;
there we sit,
for a bit,
till we fish intangle.

It comes as hardly a surprise that even 400+ years ago recreational fishermen were starting early, and given that coffee was not widely drunk in Europe until about 50 years after the poem was written, we dare say there was something stronger in the cup he drank.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

27kg Flathead!?!

Not a 27 kg Flathead (as we know it)
 A recent headline on a US fishing website screaming "60 Lb Flathead" sure caught our attention, but a quick read reminded us that this is just another example of different fish having different names throughout the world.

In Australia, the record weight for a flathead is reported to be one hooked by  Alan Strathearn of Richmond River NSW  who caught a  9.440 kg dusky flathead in July 1983. Dusky flathead are the largest of the many species of flathead found in Australia, and the most commonly caught, but dusky flathead have very rarely been caught at sizes up to 12–15 kg and lengths up to 1.5 metres and the average size and weight is reported to be 0.5–1.5 kg and 40–50 cm.

The 60 pound flathead in the story that caught our attention is actually a flathead catfish caught on Ohio's Seneca Lake by Bass fisherman Ken Hewitt. What a shame though, a 60lb lizard would have been one hell of a story.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day will soon be upon us - in case you've forgotten, this year in Australia Father's Day is Sunday 4 September.

By now you're probably wondering what to get dad for father's day, and maybe if you're lucky even been asked for some ideas by the kids.

Don't worry, you won't be stuck with jocks and socks this father's day. As usual, your mates at FishMax are here to help!

Check out the great father's day gift ideas including the latest from Shimano, Driza-Bone, Fusion Sound and more in our Father's Day Fishing Guide Page 1 Page 2 Page 3.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Win A Great Father's Day Prize

Custom Fishing Accessories Perfect for Father's Day
Get Dad what he really wants this father's day, something to remind him every day of the one that didn't get away! Something showing the world a photo of him and a big fish!

Australian online photo gift and stationery company, Mango Monkey, specialises in making bespoke products using your favourite fishing photos and this year they have some great personalised gifts for fishing Dads which you can check out here.

If your dad has a great fishing photo, Mango Monkey can help him enjoy it all year round with unique and affordable products that are designed to make memories last.

Mango Monkey products include innovative personalized photo gifts such as wallets, computer bags, notebooks, aprons and travel mugs - all of which can be personalised with your dad’s or grandfather’s favourite fishing photos and messages.

Mango Monkey’s website is easy to use with a secure online process which makes ordering and uploading photos to Mango Monkey simple and fast. No additional software is required and the Mango Monkey team makes sure your photos look their best. Mango Monkey will crop and edit photos at no extra cost– and will even change photos to black and white or remove red eye if needed.

Check them out at http://www.mangomonkey.com.au/

Thanks to the generousity of Mango Monkey, we have Mango Monkey $25 gift vouchers to give away to four lucky FishMax readers. Simply enter your name and email below before Midnight August 19 to go in the draw.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Alpha Predators Join the Sardine Run

We thought we'd share this great video sent in to us by one of our readers.

The largest of the predators to join the Sardine Run makes a startling arrival as it competes with sharks, dolphins and gannets to feed.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amazing Sight While Fishing Mahi Mahi of Mexico

One of the fantastic things about off-shore fishing is the opportunity to view amazing marine wildlife and few fishermen and fisherwomen are not moved to stop and observe when they see a passing pod of whales, dolphins or other sea mammals.

While Aussie fishermen on the Australian East Coast are currently enjoying some whale watching opportunities, fishermen in Baja Mexico are also having some close encounters. This video was sent to us by a reader showing a pod of orcas coming within a few feet of their charter boat while fishing Mahi Mahi  (also known as Dorado or Dolphin fish) in Loreto, Baja Mexico.

For more on catching Mahi Mahi in Australia, check out our post last year.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who Says You Need Expensive Gear to Catch Big Fish?

It's probably not something we want our better halves to hear about, but we all know its true that you don't necessarily need expensive gear to catch big fish. Check out this monster salmon caught by little American, Finley Sullivan on, of all things, a babie rod!

Pink Barbie Fishing Rod Lands Big Salmon!

With Father's Day coming up, this Father and daughter fishing trip story warmed our hearts! During a trip a few years ago with her mum and dad,  little Finley insisted on using her 3 foot barbie fishing rod and reel, and the result sure was satisfying to her, and her parents! It took 20 minutes of fighting and a fair bit of skill to land said King Salmon.

And if you think this is really a case of daddy letting his little girl say she caught the fish, check this pic out.

20 Minute Battle Lands King Salmon for Little Barbie Fan

Kent Sullivan, from Juneau, Alaska said " I tied on a fuchia Mepps spinner and made an initial cast for her. She reeled by herself and the rest is now family history—she says, "Daddy, I think I have a fish," and all of a sudden that rod is bent double. For 20 minutes Finley fought that king, a big one, all on that rod and that light test. And pretty soon we landed it on the beach. I couldn't have been prouder and niether could Finley. And, I could not imagine anyone getting a better father's day gift".