Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When Marlin Attack - 250 Kg Marlin Stabs Boy in Face

Fishing can be a dangerous business, but thankfully most of us get bye with just the occassional hook jab and stiff muscles.

Not so lucky American teenager Stephen Schultz. Check out this video clip is from the feature story on Animal Planet’s series, “Untamed and Uncut.”

Schultz and his family were fishing  off of the coast of Panama when he went a round with a marlin and came off worse for it. Schultz had a 250 kg (600 lb) marlin on the line and near the boat, when the fish spontaneously leapt into the air toward the fisherman. The bill of the fish entered directly into Schultz’s open mouth, piercing the back of his throat, breaking his nasal cavity and slicing through and out the side of his cheek.

Incredibly, the chest of the fish hit the back of the boat, stopping it’s forward progress just enough to prevent the bill of fish from piercing straight through the back of Schultz’s head.

Stephen Schultz was medi-vac'd to a Panama City hospital about 100 miles away. Amazingly, the teen made a full recovery, healing without even a scar.

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