Monday, December 12, 2011

Sebile Splasher, Barra and Tarpon

Guest contributor Clayton Nicholls talks gear and tactics for CQ Barramundi and Tarpon.

It was late In the afternoon, a few of my Gramma mates and myself met with a couple of boys from TCC(the cathedral college). We had the common goal, try for fish such as Barramundi and Tarpon on the surface.
I decided to make use of my Sebile lures and show off how top notch they really are. It was a slow start for my mate as his okuma baitcaster combo wasn’t working so he changed to his 1-3kg spin gear eventually, fortunately I already had mine out and going with a tarpon down on my Sebile splasher 52.
Once the fish got excited it was great, the best part was Tarpon have such soft mouths the hooks normally fall out. That was great news for everyone as each cast it would get hammered more than once and then something would finally hook up and the throw the hooks at the bank so all you had to do was cast out again. This happened most of the time but they hit the lure with so much force sometimes they hook up on their gills or eye socket or even in their side so the pliers and lip grips were handy.
The end of the day came and most of us achieved our goal, to catch fish.
My best mate got way up into the action with his light gear, my mate from TCC that works at the local tackle world cast about 3 lures into the tree and probably lost more, the other TCC guy claimed to have caught a Barra but there is no photo so I cannot put it up. Out of all the Sebile splasher showed every lure up. Lure fishing isn’t as easy as it may seem one of my mates didn’t get a single fish, it goes to show quality is better than quantity.
Shimano Stradic Ci4 1000, 4 pound braid, Struwick sic stik pro 1-3kg
Sebile Splasher, Sebile Stickshad, Sebile Bonga Minnow
The lure was used on a slow retrieve with regular bloops, more subtle bloops were used if the lure was being retrieved slower.
When surface luring do not try to hook the fish

Words and pics: Clayton Nicholls. You can read more from Clayton at his blog.

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