Friday, December 2, 2011

Protect Your Boat & Trailer This Summer - Product Spotlight

It's a sad truth that there are low life scum out there who will pinch a man's (or woman's) boat and trailer if you don't take security measures and unfortunately with the peak holiday boating season just around the corner, the incidence of boat and trailer theft increases. One of the best and simplest ways to protect yourself is with a trailer lock.

There are various versions of trailer locks on the market,  but one we like is the Australian-designed Hitch Helmet as it has a patented dual locking system that not only deters theft, but doubles as a safety device to prevent trailers from disconnecting while on the move.

Hitch Helmet covers the connecting mechanism between the towbar, towball, and trailer hitch, and simply locks around the trailer hitch when the trailer is not connected to the vehicle.

Manufacturer/distributor and Oceanic Trailers director Phil Peterson reckons the Hitch Helmet is virtually indestructible.
“The locking strength and towing capabilities of Hitch Helmet have been fully tested by numerous automotive authorities and law enforcement bodies, including the Water Police, and received the best results of any trailer lock on the market,” Mr Peterson told FishMax.

Insurance provider Club Marine supports the use of the Hitch Helmet as an anti-theft device and Peterson says individual policies may qualify for a waiver of the trailer boat theft excess, so check with your insurer.

Constructed from anti-corrosive material the Hitch Helmet has an RRP of $149 and is available from selected marine retail outlets or can purchased direct from the manufacturer, Oceanic Trailers – 1300 852 404 or

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