Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beer the Fishos Drink

Ok, fishermen (and women) drink all sorts of beer, but here's a brand we reckon is custom made for fishos. Bottled in 330ml PET (plastic) bottles with a smooth flavour, Brass Belgium Lager and Brass Belgium Pilsner are beers you could drink all day (responsibly of course).

Genuine 100% imported Belgium beer, this will be an ideal treat for the Christmas hols or even a gift for a mate who enjoys the good stuff on the boat.

While some beer drinkers might be put off by the idea of drinking from a plastic bottle, we found the taste great and the fact that the bottles are recycable, lighter than glass (8kg for a carton instead of 14) and of course, unbreakable means that for us this is a no-brainer this summer on the boat or when camping particularly.

You can buy Brass Belgium Beer for about $40 a carton at leading retailers including Dan Murphy's or click here for stockists.

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