Saturday, December 17, 2011

Big (flat) fish!

Englishman catches huge stingray in South America
Ok, it's a ray, not a fish, but we couldn't help but share these amazing photos of fishing journalist Jeremy Wade with a 127 kg short tailed stingray caught near Buenes Aires in Argentina. The stingray is a River Stingray (Potamotrygon brachyura), native to northern, central and eastern South America, living in rivers that drain into the Caribbean, and into the Atlantic as far south as the Río de la Plata in Argentina.

Wade who hosts an English fishing TV show fought the ray for four hours. It was so big he couldn't land it in his boat and had to tow it shore.

Watch a video on the story here:


River stingrays are almost circular in shape, and range in size from 25 centimetres (9.8 in) in diameter, to the Short-tailed river stingray, which grows up to 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) in diameter. Most species are brownish or greyish and often have distinctive spotted or mottled patterns, but a few species are largely blackish with contrasting white spots.

River Stingrays have a venomous caudal sting, and are one of the most feared freshwater fishes in the region, sometimes more feared than piranhas and electric eels. However, they are not dangerous unless stepped on or otherwise threatened.


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