Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hot Tips for Catching Australian Bass

Considered by many as one of Australia's mostoutstanding freshwater sports fish,  and the Australian native fisherman's answer to trout, Bass will respond to angling methods used by trout fishermen and will easily outfight trout of a similar size, . The  species is now becoming extremely popular amongst the angling community especially in inland dams.

What's the best bait for Australian Bass? Well according to BCF's Bass Fact Sheet, it's shrimp, yabbies and worms but at least one old timer we know swears that the best bait for Australian Bass is black crickets and of course there are many of us who have our favourite bass lure.

And of course, its not just wait bait you use, but when you use it. Bass will become active when their main food source is active. In our experience the best feeding times usually occurs in low light situations because Australian Bass do not like the sun, and of course, most insect activity is at night.

Australian Bass, also known as Freshwater Perch, can be found in coastal rivers and streams along the Eastern seaboard from Tin Can Bay in Queensland, south through New South Wales and into eastern Victoria although according to the Australian Native Fish Association, they have not been  recorded west of Wilson's Promontory.

Australian Bass are reportedly most prolific in the waters of remote streams in the far south coast of New South Wales and eastern Gippsland in Victoria.

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