Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Strange Things Happen at Sea

Most of us have seen some pretty odd things drifting by while we fish, but while a dog might not be the oddest sight, this story sure is one of the saddest we've heard.

Imagine the surprise of this Kayak fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico near Sarasota in the USA when a  dog is spotted drifing near by. The fisherman, who wants to remain nameless, rescued the distressed dog and pulled him aboard.

A visit to a vet confirmed that the dog was in reasonable health and had a microchip. This is when what would otherwise be a happy story of a lost dog found, revealed a sad twist. The dog, called Barney was out being walked by his owner, a 53 year old local woman, when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Barney ran away, and appears to have entered the water in his distress.

The accident scene was about a mile from where Barney was found swimming.

The positive news is that Barney is now re-united with his family, and they are helping each other cope with the terrible situation.

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