Thursday, January 12, 2012

Barra on the Fly

According to their website, the guys from Mad Food Fishing believe there is an easy way and a hard way to do most things, and that it's often more fun to do it the hard way! Best of all these guys have released a film showing them doing it the hardway!
Up the Creek is a film about big fish, impossible country, and the search for a new challenge. When you think you’ve seen it all before, take a ride with five mad Aussies as they dive into the devil’s lair, in pursuit of monster Barramundi.

Fly fishing usually conjures romantic images of light lines, tiny flies and delicate trout. But add float tubes and huge Barramundi, brutal snags and the very real chance of bumping into a crocodile and it's no wonder it hasn't been tried before.

The film follows five avid fly fishers using helmet cameras to capture their adventure on float tubes chasing massive barramundi with fly rods. The resulting film is unlike anything you have seen before. It's raw and honest. It's not 3D, hell, it’s not even HD, but it captures a realism that's not often seen in fishing films. All the agony and the ecstasy is laid bare and you get to experience what it's really like. For more information or to buy the DVD, visit the website.

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