Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lauren Jackson says No Bananas on the Boat

Basketballer Lauren Jackson Reels in Salmon
We loved this story about Australia's hottest basketball export Lauren Jackson teaching American's about the "no bananas on the boat" rule!
According to the Seattle Times, Lauren was recently fishing with some of her Seattle Storm team mates and no one was having much luck, until Lauren realised some of her team mates had bananas on board! The  6'5" Aussie who plays forward-center and is the only WNBA player to compete in two Olympic Games and two World Championships for Australia, quickly sorted her team mates out.

Perhaps Lauren had heard the storey from Liz Ellis. Regular readers will recall Liz told FishMax that she learned the hard way about bananas and fishing.

And best of all, once Jackson got rid of the bananas, she hooked up on a couple of nice salmon!

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