Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrity Interview - Liz Ellis - No Bananas on the Boat Liz!

Exclusive FishMax Interview

You might know that she was captain of the Australian Netball team from 2004 to 2007, and you will no doubt have seen her heaps on TV, but did you know that Liz Ellis, Australia’s most capped international netball player, also enjoys dipping a line when she gets a chance?

Liz, admits that she doesn’t get out fishing nearly as often as she likes, however, she has taken the time out of her busy schedule (she is currently ove of One HD’s leading commentators) to share a couple of her favourite fishing stories with FishMax readers.

Liz, who now runs netball coaching clinics herself,  fondly remembers her fishing tutelage under her father’s instruction. “I remember my Dad getting me out of bed really early to go fishing while we were on holiday” she told us of her early fishing experiences. “I caught my first ever fish ” she remembers fondly, “a good size yellow belly.”

Liz, who lives in the Northern Beaches of Sydney with her husband, former New South Wales Waratahs player, Matthew Stocks, doesn’t just enjoy catching fish, but cooking and eating them as well. Her favourite dish is, she tells us “ Fresh fish pan fried”, “ I also do a pretty good fish curry.”she says with her trademark smile.

As you would expect, if you’ve seen her on TV shows such as Good News Week, Liz is not afraid to poke fun at herself. “I went on a commercial fishing trip out of Noosa a few years ago, and we were having no luck.” She says, “ I pulled out a banana to eat and the skipper went spare – i didn’t know that bananas were bad luck! So we had a ceremonial throwing of the bananas, and within 15 minutes the fish were biting!”

Words: Stevo Perry Pics: Adams Management


  1. Liz is terrific and to hear she also enjoys fishing just makes her even better in my eyes. Go Liz.