Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who Says You Need Expensive Gear to Catch Big Fish?

It's probably not something we want our better halves to hear about, but we all know its true that you don't necessarily need expensive gear to catch big fish. Check out this monster salmon caught by little American, Finley Sullivan on, of all things, a babie rod!

Pink Barbie Fishing Rod Lands Big Salmon!

With Father's Day coming up, this Father and daughter fishing trip story warmed our hearts! During a trip a few years ago with her mum and dad,  little Finley insisted on using her 3 foot barbie fishing rod and reel, and the result sure was satisfying to her, and her parents! It took 20 minutes of fighting and a fair bit of skill to land said King Salmon.

And if you think this is really a case of daddy letting his little girl say she caught the fish, check this pic out.

20 Minute Battle Lands King Salmon for Little Barbie Fan

Kent Sullivan, from Juneau, Alaska said " I tied on a fuchia Mepps spinner and made an initial cast for her. She reeled by herself and the rest is now family history—she says, "Daddy, I think I have a fish," and all of a sudden that rod is bent double. For 20 minutes Finley fought that king, a big one, all on that rod and that light test. And pretty soon we landed it on the beach. I couldn't have been prouder and niether could Finley. And, I could not imagine anyone getting a better father's day gift".

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