Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holy Sh*t or Bull Sh*t: Did Boy Fishing Catches Severed Foot?

Gruesome discovery fished up
Last week we showed  you a photo a reader sent in claiming to show a severed foot fished up by a boy in a US Lake.

It's a pretty grusome story and its true that strange things happen when fishing, but this one isn't quite as horrible as it sounds.

According to US media reports and reports from Lake County Sherriff's Office in Lake Marie, Maine,  a boy fishing hooked what he thought was a human foot, but after several hours of searching by police divers, it was determined that the foot came from a Halloween prop.

Divers and sonar teams spent nearly nine hours searching Lake Marie, near Antioch, after the boy hooked the foot and reeled it to within three feet of his boat before it fell back into the murky lake water. A spokesman said the search was launched because the boy was considered a reliable source.

The fake foot was found Wednesday evening with the use of sonar.“ Needless to say everyone involved is relieved that the foot turned out to be a fake one,” Lake County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Christopher Thompson said.

I bet it gave the boy quite a scare though!

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