Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dogs Swimming with Sharks Updated

In an update of our dogs herding sharks story we ran a couple of days ago, we've now spoken to Russell Hood-Penn, who took the video and have a few more details about this great clip.

Russell who is on a 4 month adventure with his wife, filmed the clip at the One Arm Point Community about 200km north of Broome, WA. Russell and his wife obtained the necessary permits and visited the community , who are members of the Bardi tribe and who have lived in the area for tens of thousands of years. The dogs are community dogs and swim with the sharks regularly. To see the clip again, here it is:

Russell also confirmed that the dugong you see in the clip was taken by the local Bardi people, and as far as he is aware, within appropriate guidelines.


  1. One of the best vidios i have seen for a long time , well done Russell , enjoyed it very much. thanks Fish Max you always give us good report.

  2. I saw this video of a dog swimming with sharks on Sunsrise. ITs a great video. glad dog bit shark not shark bit dog :)