Monday, July 4, 2011

New Qld Snapper Fishing Regs

Only get to keep one of these beauties this size next time Rob!

Queensland Fisheries Minister Craig Wallace announces new snapper fishing regulations due to come into effect on the first of September. Key points are:-

  • A reduction in the bag limit from 5 fish to 4 fish.

  • The minimum size limit for snapper will remain at 35cm.

  • A maximum of one fish with a total length over 70cm allowed.

  • No proposed change for the size and bag limits for pearl perch and teraglin.

  • No further bans on snapper fishing.

The six-week ban earlier this year on catching snapper would not be repeated. The unpopular ban caused a great deal of anger in the recreational fishing community. While responsible fisho's fully support the need to manage the valuable resource which is our fish stocks, the ban appeared to be more political than scientific. Charter operators and tackle stores that I'd spoken to found business died during the recent ban.

Like 'em or hate the new regs, I'm at least thankful that the idea of a seasonal ban has now been discarded, at least for the time being. - Snap

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