Saturday, July 16, 2011

Coke Can Lure Scores Mako for NZ Boy

Coke Can Lure Cathes NZ Mako
We occasionally hear about home made coca-cola can fishing lures, and while many have claimed great success with these home made lures fashioned from soft drink cans, photographic proof is not always easy to come by.

However one of our regular readers sent us these pics of NZ teenager, Sam March, who, disappointed with the lack of success his shop bought lures were producing, set to with an empty Coca-Cola can, a couple of spare skirts and a wire hook rig, to product what Sam called the ‘pusher from hell’.

Sam's self made lure did the trick, with a Mako duly hooked up by fellow angler, Davis Lowes. The home made coke can lure was retrieved relatively unscathed. Sam has said that he will definitely be taking his home made coke can lure out again for sure.

Of course, this is not the first time we've heard of home made lures catching sharks. Over the years we've heard stories of lures made from everything from film canisters, jandals, cans, ballpoint pens, screwdriver heads and even banana skins.

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