Sunday, January 23, 2011

PNG Fishing Adventure

In a first for FishMax, early next month we're sending a team to the wilds of Papua New Guinea to seek out the famed New Guinea Black Bass. 

PNG fishing in general, and Black Bass fishing in Milne Bay in particular, can be legendary, but many also return with legendary stories of fishing disappointment.

Catching PNG Black Bass isn't easy. The New Guinea Black Bass is known as  heavyweight jungle fighter and is generally found  in snag filled estuaries so the boys are likely to have some great challenges to face.

We hear  that the key to catching and landing Black Bass from New Guinea is stopping their freight train like strike and burst for cover so all of us here are looking forward to hearing how Digger, Snap, Stevo and the rest of the guys get on.

As well as the Black Bass and famed New Guinea Barramundi  the boys are also going to get out on the blue water offshore, so we hope they return with great tales and even better photos.

 As well as lots of great stories our team are also going to use the trip to field test some of our sponsors' gear in some of the toughest fishing conditions you're ever likely to encounter. A special thank you to our  sponsors including Reidy's Lures ,  Top Gear Adventurewear Profishional Protection Gear  and Sunshades Eyewear.


  1. good luck boys. lets hope you show Snap up this time :)

  2. Any luck boys? Keen to know how the trip went