Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Amazing Waterproof Notebook Perfect for Fishermen

Most good anglers recommend keeping notes on your fishing trips - tide times, weather, gear used, bait and of course, the fish you catch - it helps you improve your fishing and keep track of what works and doesn't work.

For the last couple of months I have been trialling a great waterproof notebook to keep my fishing notes and its made things a lot easier. No more cursing when pens won't write on damp pages, or trying to keep pages dry.

This waterproof notebook from Luckies in the UK retails in Australia for around $15, and while a bit expensive for a notebook, it comes with a 100% graphite pencil so you can write on it in water, under water, near water, or just sitting by the pool without fear of the ink running or the paper being destroyed.

Hot Tip: Get get yourself the "Amazing Waterproof Notebook"

For further information on your nearest Australian stockist call1800 819 270 or go to http://www.isgift.com/.

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