Saturday, January 8, 2011

Michael Kasprowicz Talks Big Fish

Michael Kasprowicz with a PNG Black Bass
Exclusive FishMax Interview

Queensland cricketing identity, fast bowler Michael Kasprowicz is also a keen fisherman. Kasprowicz was known for his swing and relentless and hard-working approach on the field, and he takes a similar approach to fishing, however the man known as the the "Subcontinent Specialist", for his unique ability to generate pace and take wickets in India finds that, like many of us, success doesn’t always follow him fishing.

When we asked him about his earliest fishing memory, Kasprowicz said “I was 8 years old and was armed with a rod, tackle box, a bucket and a block of frozen mullet gut to ‘empty’ the mouth of the Brunswick river. The bucket returned empty that day and seems to have remained ever since.”

He clearly loves fishing though, telling us that his most memorable fishing trip was to Melville Island in Australia’s far North. “The Melville Island fishing lodge in the Tiwi Islands is the most exotic place I’ve fished. It was awesome!” Kasprowicz told us. “The trip to Melville Island helped raise two hundred thousand dollars for the community. It was the brainchild of Guy Reynolds of Macquarie Bank and my mate Matthew Hayden. While the season wasn’t ideal and the barra weren’t on the ‘chew’, I was one of 20 people that enjoyed an amazing and truly rewarding week.”

Kasprowicz certainly enjoys fishing with his cricketing mates.  In response to our question about his favourite fishing spot, he answers with a grin “On Andy Bichel’s boat as he gets to clean it later.” And he enjoys telling us that his most memorable trip is out fishing Andy and Andrew Symonds on a trip to PNG. “I caught a horse of a ‘black bass’ - the biggest fish I’ve ever caught" For more on fishing PNG, be sure to follow our special feature on New Guinea Black Bass coming soon.

Words: Stevo Perry Pics: Michael Kasprowicz Personal Album

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