Friday, January 7, 2011

Queensland Floods Impact Fishing

There is no doubt that the Queensland floods are going to impact recreational fishing, but at this stage no one knows by how much. The impact will be on multiple levels - run off will effect breeding areas, fish stocks may have been significantly relocated or disturbed,caravan parks and hotels popular with holidaying fishing families have been destroyed and there are dozens of other impacts. And of course  those directly effected who have lost homes and livelyhoods may not  be in a financial (and perhaps mental) position to go fishing for a very long time.

Residents of Theadore, Qld (photo: Gladsone Observer)
Even with such impacts, the great Aussie sense of humour still shines through. When I asked one flood victim what his thoughts were, his answer was to point at the tinnie still loaded with household items and say,  "at least the wife can't ever say "do you even really need a boat?" ever again!"

Our hearts go out to those effected (whether they own a tinnie or not) and the FishMax management team has arranged for a financial donation to be made on behalf of our staff and readers. If you'l like to make a donation yourself, please visit the Qld Premier's Flood Appeal.

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  1. offshore marine habitats will be Affected as well