Sunday, November 30, 2014

FishMax Team Smashes the Big Ones with Vanuatu's Ocean Blue

Ranging from all round sport fishing, exclusive popping & jigging, bluewater game, remote live on board expeditions and unique sailfish expeditions, Ocean Blue is pretty fussy about getting you on the right fishing adventure!  They run a variety of scheduled trips throughout the year offering anglers the best possible experience & fishing adventure to suit each individuals needs and Snap, Stevo, Digger and Ian  from Team Fishmax had an awesome time smashing the big ones with Ocean Blue this October.

For a week of perfect weather and near perfect fishing, Skipper Eric and Decky Tom put the FishMax team on to the fish, with Yellowfin and Dog Tooth Tuna, Pike and Barracuda, Mahi Mahi and even Marlin all succumbing to the team's razor sharp hooks.

Running a fleet of 3 centre console American made Edgewater Boats,  the Ocean Blue team quickly get you out to where the fish are. The Ocean Blue gear is also top notch, with only one failure in a full week of hard fishing, and plenty of spare rods and reels on board, so even that failure didn't stop the fishing.

The Ocean Blue team cater to all types of fishing, but we were most keen to go over the larger trophy fish, so spent many hours trolling and popping for the big stuff, with a bit of jigging to break things up. No matter what style of fishing though, we were not disappointed. As well as hooking and fighting 3 beautiful blue marlin, the highlight was the Mahi Mahi run on the last day, with 5 beautiful fish on board.

Anthony and his team are not only willing to teach, but also listen, and so make sure you let them know what level of fisherman you are. From the complete novice to the experienced blue water fishermen, they'll make sure the experience is what you're looking for.

Their relationship with the locals is also fantastic, each boat ensuring that some of the catch went to to neighbouring villages.

And at the end of the day, returning to the lodge run brilliantly by Angele and her team, was a delight. The food was almost as good as the fishing and the chance to share a table with the other boats and compare stories, was well worth it. When we were there, one of the other boats landed a monster 87Kg Yellowfin Tuna, and we're sure when you're there you'll have some amazing stories too.

Possible Vanuatu Record 87kg Yellowfin Tuna

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