Friday, December 19, 2014

We Don't See the Problem

nrm 1417696036 erotic carp calendar 4 PICS: Apparently dead fish are now dead sexy. (NSFW)
One of our readers told us about sexy carp calendar or more correctly, this story about how it was such a bad thing! The calendar, known as The Carponizer  is designed to promote carp fishing in Germany.

Here is a  selection of the photos from the sexy fishing calendar. So what do you think?

And don't worry, no carp (or models) were hurt in the making of this calendar. The producers  say on Amazon:
"During the shoot greatest emphasis was placed on the well-being of carp and cute women"

And of course it was released just in time for Christmas.

1417696093 erotic carp calendar 5 PICS: Apparently dead fish are now dead sexy. (NSFW)

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