Saturday, April 21, 2012

Simple Outboard Maintenance Checklist and Outboard Troubleshooting

Ensure your outboard starts every time
There is nothing worse than finally lining up some time out on the water only to find the outboard motor won't start! Except maybe finding it gets you out there, but then it doesn't get you back!

That's why we thought we'd share these two handy outboard motor tips sent in by regular readers. Old boatie from way back,  Davo, drew our attention to this handy outboard motor checklist released recently by Quicksilver Oils and BCF. Davo's hot tip: print it out and pin it do a wall in the garage.

And  PJ from Port sent us this handy-dandy troubleshooting guide  taking you through the various reasons why your outboard motor won't start. He reckons its worth laminating and keeping on the boat!

Remember, its simple maintenance like changing the outboard motor engine oil every year (every 6 months if you do more than 30 hours a year), ensuring the grease nipples are full and flushing the engine with fresh water ever time, which will make a difference between a good day or a bad one, or maybe even save your life!.

Thanks for those boys. Got a great tip for your fellow fishermen and women? Send it in to !

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