Monday, April 23, 2012

Trojan Hits the Spot

Whether it's on the boat, in the 4WD or around the home, every fisher needs a good tool box right along side their tacklebox. Founded in Australia way back in 1904, Trojan Tools are an excellent choice for the Aussie fisherman and Trojan has just released it's  list of Top Ten Tools for the fisherman's tool shed (read on to find out how you can WIN these great tools!):

1. Hammer it home

Whether it’s knocking in a bung, remove nails from timber deck or DIY activity like demolishing bathroom tiles or hanging a picture, no Fisherman should be without a basic hammer.

Try Trojan’s 20oz Claw Hammer with a specially designed handle for comfort, suitable for use on anything to do with woodwork, driving nails and nail removal. RRP $23.80

2. Screw loose?

Necessary for assembling most fishing gear, and essential for pulling it apart, always have screwdrivers on hand to tighten screws and keep things in place. Ensure you have a Slotted and a Phillips screwdriver and avoid using the wrong tool for the wrong job as it can damage the screw head.

Try Trojan’s range of Screwdrivers with Chrome Vanadium blades for durability, magnetised tips and comfortable grip. RRP $4.45

Or try Trojan’s 6 in 1 Screwdriver which comes with 6 different screwdriver bits and a specially designed soft grip handle for greater control and comfort. RRP $6.90

3. Measure up

It's not just fish a fisherman has to measure. Tape measures come in a variety of lengths; a standard length is fine for basic needs however a bigger project, such as building a casting deck will require a longer-length tape measure.

Try Trojan’s 8m Tape Measure, with magnetic hook and dual markings for topside or underside measurements. RRP $12.00

4. Need to get a grip?

Most commonly referred to as the holding tool, pliers can be used for cutting, twisting or gripping wire or cable and are a must have tool for every boat.

Try Trojan’s Combination Pliers which are made from Chrome Vanadium Steel for maximum strength and durability and supported by lifetime guarantee. RRP $16.98

5. A set of chisels

Chisels have a wide variety of uses, from carving wood to cutting stone or metal.

Try Trojan’s wood chisels with full tang through blade and metal striking cap. RRP $12.00

6. Utility knife

The multi-purpose cutting tool for use in a variety of trades and crafts, a utility knife can be used to mark cut lines, trim fishing line, plastic or wood materials, cut tape, cord, strapping, cardboard and more.

Try Trojan Utility Knife, featuring a “D” handle for safety and premium high quality blade for super sharpness. RRP $15.70

7. Combination square

Whether measuring angles, determining flatness or marking work surfaces, a combination square is the multi purpose tool necessary for versatile and accurate results in any project on the boat around the home.

Try Trojan’s 400mm Combination Square, with a metric and imperial graduation etched stainless steel blade for corrosion resistance and heavy duty cast zinc alloy body for strength. RRP $19.76

8. Drive bolts

An Allen Key is a tool used to drive a particular type of screw or bolt known as a ‘socket head cap screw’ which has a recessed hexagonal head. Suitable for everything from assembling furniture, changing tool accessory bits to making repairs, Allen Keys are a handy tool for the shed.

Try Trojan’s 8 Piece Allen Key made from Chrome Vanadium steel for durability. RRP $5.00

9. Adjustable wrenches

Use a wrench to tighten or loosen bolts, nuts and other fasteners. From fixing a tyre puncture, fitting bathroom plumbing or self-assembling furniture, an adjustable wrench has an abundance of uses within many working environments and the tool shed is not complete without one.

Try Trojan’s 2 in 1 Stubby Wrench, featuring a reversible jaw that allows operations as an adjustable wrench and pipe wrench. RRP $9.97

10. Tool box

Nothing is quite as frustrating as being unable to locate the tool you need for a particular job. Keep tools safe, rust free and organised with a tool box. Easy to store and even easier to locate, tools will have a home until they are ready to be used.

Try Trojan’s 475mm Tool Box with built in compartments and lift out carry tray. RRP $19.97

Whether remodelling the deck on your tinnie, servicing your outboard or repairing a leak, be sure to make space in your shed for workhorse tools from Trojan.

Visit to view Trojan’s entire hand tool range online or call FH Prager customer service on 1300 657 300 for more information.

Available from Bunnings, Trojan hand tools start from RRP $1.59

Thanks to the guys at Trojan, we've got two fantastic Trojan Tool Packs comprising a Trojan Tool Box full of tools valued at $150 to giveaway to our readers.  Simply email with the DIY job you most have to do around your house, on your boat or anywhere else and to go in the draw.

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