Monday, April 16, 2012

Monster Catfish

Hungarian catches 7'4" Catfish
Not many Australians put catfish high on their list of target species, but in Europe, the USA and parts of Asia there are some very big catfish that are worth the effort!

This week we spied two great photos of European catfish that we thought we'd share.

In Hungary last week, Lajos Csendres caught a catfish that was over 7 foot long! 7 foot 4 inches (223.5 cm) to be exact! The fish, which weighed over 150 pounds (70 kg), was caught in Lake Kadarcsi, near Balmazujvaros, Hungary.

Meanwhile, in Italy,  German fishermen Stefan Seuss, Uli Schupple and Patrick Nimz on a trip to Italy, had their boat dragged over a kilometre and  half by a  99 kg (218 lb) catfish.  The catfish was caught on the Po River in northern Italy.

That's some big fish!

Germans catch 99kg catfish in Italy


  1. I've got a mate whose brother fishes these big catfish in England. Also goes after bigcarp. Never thought I would want to catch golfish but I reckon I'll have to get over there one of these days and give it a go.

  2. damn that some big fish!