Thursday, October 13, 2011

German Fisherman Smashes World Record

Who wouldn't want to reel in a 539 lb (245 kg) fish? Well that's exactly what German fisherman, Reinhard Wuhrmann, did off the coast north of Norway recently, and at the same time, he smashed the halibut world weight record by 58 lbs. The record breaking Atlantic Halibut measured 8ft 3ins.

Now we're told that the halibutt is not exactly a fighting fish, and it's more likely reeling in a barn door than anything else, but they are good eating and it's still a hell of a challenge to get them up from the depths.

Whurman spent three hours before he and three other fishermen finally landed it. The fish was so big that at one point Reinhard's rod snapped in two. The men were only able to haul it onto their boat after tying a rope around it when it came alongside.

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