Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is this the perfect fisherman's beer?

Scottish Brewers Make Beer with the Fishes
Scottish brewery "Brew Dog" has released a beer that seems perfect for fishermen (and women). Called "Sunk Punk", in what is billed as a world first in beer-making,  this 7.1% Indian Pale Ale was brewed on the ocean floor, 20 metres down, in a specially modified tank which the sea kept at a steady temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, the optimal temperature for the yeast.

The tank was anchored to the ocean flor and flew a  Jolly Roger flag to scare aware courious fish.  After two weeks, the tank was towed into harbour before being hoisted back to dry land with the successfully fermented beer.

Is this the perfect fisherman's beer?
The first beer to be brewed under water, Sunk Punk allegedly contains some hardcore maritime-themed ingredients such as buckweed, distilled sea-salt, rum and mermaids.

The makers of the underwater beer say that not only does it have a great taste, but by brewing beer under water, they are breaking an ancient Scottish curse. According to Scottish folklore calm a storm, you should throw a bottle of beer into the ocean. According to the legend, a fisherman with a witch for wife would go fishing every day and catch nothing. The witch would go to the shore and cast spells of luck to turn her husband’s fortunes. She then discovered that the reason he was constantly coming home empty handed was because he was actually drinking beer rather than fishing [Ed: Couldn't he do both? We do!]. The witch decided to put a curse on the coastline that meant if her husband ever tried to come to shore, a storm would start and the boat would sink. Brewing a beer under the waves is intended to halt the storms and reverse the curse.

For more information on this beer brewed underwater, visit BrewDog.

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