Monday, October 24, 2011

Is Bigger Better? This guy thinks so?

Some of us believe that small fish are the sweetest, others say it's the size of the fight in the fish, not the fish in the fight, but some think that its all about the numbers - Martin Hodkinson certainly thinks so.

UK Man Joins 100-100 Fishing Club

Hodgkinson,  a 51-year-old builder from Wolverhamton is reported to have  has travelled more than 100,000 miles  (160,000km) across the world over five years on his remarkable quest to catch the biggest monster fish on the planet.

Hodkginson travelled to some of the remotest spots in Thailand, Mexico, Gambia and the Dominican Republic in his quest to enter the exclusive "100 - 100" club - admission only open to those who have caught 100 different species over 100lbs (45.4 kg).

To make it in to the 100-100 fishing club, Hodgkinson racked up an impressive list of species caught, including a 1,000lb saw fish, a 450lb grouper fish, a 400lb lemon shark. as well as catfish, arapaimas, stingrays and tarpin.

His final fish to make the club - a  200lb Mekong catfish caught in Thailand this month.

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