Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrity Interview - Glenn Cooper of Cooper's Brewery

Exclusive FishMax Interview

Glenn Cooper, 5th generation brewer, and now Executive Chairman and Marketing Director is a keen fisherman. Glenn was kind enough to recently take some time out of brewing one of the writer’s favourite drops (Coopers Pale Ale) to answer a few of our questions.

It’s clear from Glenn’s answers  that, like many of us, for Glenn, the joys of fishing are inextricably entwined with the joys of spending time with family members.

Glenn recounts fishing with his then future father-in-law off Black Point in the middle of Gulf St Vincent “I was about 19 and had just started going out with Elspeth. He made me do all the work, hauling up anchors and the like!”.

Glenn still loves fishing Gulf St Vincent, going after King George whiting and great South Australian Snapper for the table. Glenn sites Crumbed King George whiting eaten with his wife’s famous home-made tartare sauce as a favourite.

Fishing's a family affair for the Cooper Clan
His favourite spot on the Gulf is a secret though - “It's known only to me and my GPS” he tells us. While he might not want to share his hot fishing spots, Glenn does enjoy sharing the fishing experience with others. “Recently I took my son and his girlfriend and some of their friends fishing in rough seas in Gulf St Vincent.

We decided to go into deeper water despite the rough seas and we got a great haul of snapper. My son’s girlfriend who had never caught a fish, landed a beautiful six pound red!.”

Glenn was also kind enough to share with us his hot fishing tip “ With King George whiting, if they are not biting, don’t think the fish are not there. Practice patience and they will come on!”.

Words: Stevo Perry Pics: Coopers Brewery and Mr Cooper’s private albums.

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