Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunset Beach a Trevally Fisherman's Paradise

Guest Writer Simo sings the praises of Sunset Beach, Qld.

Hiding just north of Dingo Beach, near Gloucester Island National Park is the tranquil Sunset Beach.

This Queensland Central Coast gem was the scene of a long awaited family holiday with friends and equally keen anglers. With local haunts carrying names such as “The Rock” and “Trevally Alley” we were looking forward to some fun times enjoying the local surrounds whilst catching a feed of fish.

Firstly we head out to “The Rock” where the fun started in the first 5 minutes with a nice hook up of mackerel. Before too long everyone was in the action with a large array of species and dinner was sorted for the night.

Simo with some of the Sunset Beach Bounty

The next day we headed off to Trevally Alley and after a half dozen drifts over structure we had as many of the target fish. Trevally are a great fish that put up a decent fight and you really can have some fun playing with the drag and lightening up your gear. The kids all enjoyed the action with some of the younger ones experiencing a big fish for the first time.

After a week of crabbing and fishing the fun was over and some interesting driving through swollen creeks continued the excitement for a little longer. The waters of the Central Coast provide some of the best fishing for such a wide range of species that can provide fun and excitement for any angler.

FishMax Tip: Fish Sunset Beach from boats but keep close to land.

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