Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holy Sh*t or Bull Sh*t - The Truth about the Gannet Man Revealed

Last week we posted a video claiming to be of the so called "Gannett Man" , New Zealander Matt Watson from the ITM Fishing Show jumping from a helicopter and catching a marlin (see the video here) and asked "Is it Bull Sh*t or Holy Sh*t "- is the video of a Watson catching a marlin by diving from a helicoptor true or false?

Well we had a lot of comments on our blog, by email and on facebook with some saying the video showing this crazy Kiwi catching a big fish from from a helicopter was definitely true, with others saying it couldn't possibly be real.

When we approached Matt Watson's representatives for a comment, this is what they had to say:

"We keep the details behind Gannetman very secret... Just as Peter Jackson from The Lord of the Rings doesn't give up his secrets, nor do we. In saying that we don’t have the necessary budget to engage Weta Workshop and I can confirm that everything you see in the clip actually happened. "

So the truth? Can man really jump from a chopper and catch a marlin?

Well, we are certainly not going to say it's impossible, and Matt Watson's Marlin jumping antics were widely reported as real across the globe,  but it does appear to us that (unfortunately) this particular video is a bit of "movie majic".

The response of the fish, the position of the camera man and other factors have our experts certain that this wasn't a case of simply spotting a marlin in the wild and diving on  to it from a chopper.

Watson catches marlin from JetSki
Watson himself has been reported as admitting  that TV trickery was involved in taking the photo and so we have to rule this one "Bull Sh*t".

There is no doubt though that Matt Watson does some crazy stuff - See more on his website at The Ultimate Fishing Show.

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