Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fishing For Perch Landbased

Vicki Lear shares Estuary Perch Secrets t the Shimano Shack

Many find land based fishing Australia's Estuary Perch (or EPs as they are known) incredibly frustrating and others simply overlook them as a target species but they are good fighting fish and make excellent eating.

If you're looking for the best way to catch Estuary Perch, take a look at this article by seasoned hand Vicki Lear at the Shimano Shack. Vicki knows her stuff and her advice on not just where to catch Estuary Perch but what are the best lures to catch Estuary Perch and the best fishing gear to use for Estuary Perch reads like a very short Estuary Perch fisherman's bible.

Take a look at the full Estuary Perch Secrets here.

For more technical information, take a look at  Native Fish Australia says about Estuary Perch:

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