Friday, February 1, 2013

Can a hooked marlin sink a boat

What do you think of these photos? Apparently of a boat sinking in Panama after hooking a marlin.

According to Marlin Magazine, a fisherman off  the coast of Panama was battling a huge black marlin when the battle took a turn for the worse. Apparently the captain began backing down on the huge fish, and put the marlin boat in reverse to chase the fish.

One commenter on Marlin Magazine's Facebook post who apparently had some knowledge of the incident said that the captain fell as he was backing down on the fish at full throttle. The boat took on too much water and, finally, there was no correcting the situation. So, indirectly, the fish sank the boat.

Marlin Magazine reported that the boat went to the bottom of the sea and everybody on board was rescued by the photo boat. And, of course, the fish got away.

More photos as the boat sinks and the fish continues to jump:

What do you think?

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  1. If the boat sank as stated then the Naval Architects who designed it should be hanged from its Yard Arm.