Monday, December 17, 2012


Stacer Easyrider 539 is  a Standout
The new 539 Easyrider is turning heads everywhere with its sleek new appearance and the introduction of the new low profile sports deck.Introduced on all Baymaster, Easy Rider and Sportster models, the new low profile sports deck allows for a reduced size windscreen and lower side sheets creating a modern, sportier look.
To accompany the low profile sports deck new passenger and driver side dashes have been fitted to allow more space for larger electronics to be added.
The second noticeable difference to the new 539 Easyrider is the introduction of the new transom design. The new transom features sloped sides and keeps cables hidden inside the transom creating an obstruction free boarding platform.
With the help of the new transom the 539 Easyrider has a lower centre of gravity resulting in more stability at rest and while underway.
The new transom also allows faster access to the bilge pump and easier access to engine fit meaning dual batteries are easier to access and install.
The 539 comes standard with fusion stereo, speakers and bimini and envelope to make your day out on the water just that bit more enjoyable.

The 539 Easy Rider is available in a Stacer ‘Ready 2 Go’ package including boat motor and trailer to get you out onto the water faster. Like all the models in the Stacer range the 539 Easy Rider is covered by a 3 year warranty. For more information on the 539 Easyrider and the entire Stacer range

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