Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Goodies for the Good Kids

Is it to early for their first spin reel?
In the third of our annual Christmas guides, FishMax brings you the a range of cool, unusual or just plain fashionable gift ideas for your kids.

And if you need some ideas to get you started, here are some hot tips to keep in mind when Christmas shopping for a child:
Ask: "What Does the Child Want for Christmas?"
It sounds like a given, but only about half of Christmas shoppers actually ask the recipients what type of gift they'd like for Christmas! When Christmas shopping for kids, ask the child or parent for three or four gift ideas and get specific information on colours, sizes, models, etc. Also find out if the child already has a similar item of the same type so you know what not to buy the child for Christmas. 
What Other Things Does the Child Enjoy?
In cases where the child has not requested a specific gift for Christmas, find out what types of toys and activities the child favours and use this information to purchase a Christmas gift of the same genre. Shopping is made much easier when the Christmas shopper has specific items in mind.  This is a great way to get gift ideas for children, and it makes for easier and faster Christmas shopping since the shopper will have a specific item in mind.
Get the wrong gift and someone won't be happy!
Is the Gift Age Appropriate?
One of the biggest mistakes that holiday shoppers make is to purchase gifts for children that are not age appropriate. So when Christmas shopping for a child, don't rely on memory or what you "think" the child may enjoy. Instead, ask a few parents of children who are close in age to the child whom you're shopping for.
Will the Gift Be Annoying to the Parent?
Avoid purchasing gifts for children that may be annoying to the parent. Avoid toy instruments, and other loud toys, unless the item has been specifically requested by the parent. Christmas shoppers should also avoid purchasing items like  toy guns or other violent toys that parents may find objectionable unless the toy was specifically requested.
Christmas shopping for children can be a bit tricky, but the key is to plan ahead and don't play guessing games. If you don't know what type of item you're shopping for, or if you're unsure whether a toy is age-appropriate, just ask the child's parent or do a bit of research. Follow these hints and Christmas shopping for a unique and fun child's Christmas gift will be a breeze!
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