Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Innovative design sets this sleeping bag apart

A Sleeping Bag that you can wear all day?
Innovative design isn't something that you'd usually associate with sleeping bags, but when we saw the Selk'bag we knew that we were looking at something really different.

Developed in 2006 by Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso, the Selk'bag is a wearable sleeping bag system, basically a sleeping bag you can walk around in! One of the main features of the Selk'bag is that you are able to sleep freely, ie. not getting twisted and tangled in your sleeping bag!

Designed with plenty of ventilation, reinforced feet and a hood the Selk bag comes in three different models, five different sizes and heaps of colours to choose from!

We have to admit that when we took the Selk' bag on a field test recently, it got it's fair share of sideways looks and even an unflattering comment or two from our fellow fishos and camp mates, but after a couple of very comfortable nights sleep, we found this initially strange looking sleeping bag hard to fault. It's comfortable to sleep in and while we don't recommend it as an all day outfit, it's easy to move around in if you need to. We can't really see anyone sitting in the Selk Bag all day fishing tho'.

These are however very well made bags and perfect for the fisherman who likes to camp out in winter. Even the Selk Bag Lite which we field tested is very well insulated - make sure you get the right weight for your intended weather. 

For more details of the Selk' Bag, to buy online or to find  authorised Australian Selk Bag stockists, visit the official website

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