Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's the best time to go fishing?

Is this the best watch for fishermen?
 What's the best time to go fishing? All of us here at FishMax agree that any time is a good time to go fishing, but it is true that some times the fishing will be better than others! Is it science, art or black magic? Well we think it's a bit of all three, but there is no doubt that various factors including the moon cycle play a huge part in determining whether you're going to have a good day (or night) fishing or not.

If you feel you need a little help skewing the odds in your favour when it comes time to catch big fish, then we suggest you checkout one of the specialist Fishing Watches from Casio. Released as part of the Casio Outgear range (which includes specialist watches for hunting, sailing and other activities), the Casio Outgear Fishing Gear watch, has a number of great features for the fisherman. As well as being a great looking and waterproof watch, the Casio Fishing Gear has a unique function which tracks moon cycles and provides a "Fishing Level Indicator" which Casio claims indicates the suitability of  a particular date and time for fishing.

We've been trialing the Casio fishing watch for a few weeks now and what we can say is that it is robust, easy to use and read and comfortable to wear. We can't really say that the fishing level indicator has actually improved our catch, as so many variables are involved when it comes to fishing, but what we can say is that it certainly doesn't hurt!

If you would like to try this unique fishing watch yourself, take a look at DealFox who currently have the Casio Outgear Fishing Gear watch for sale online for just $49.95 (usual price $109.95) plus free shipping. Click here for details.

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