Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is this the best fishing app?

While they are not yet ready to replace dedicated marine electronics, there are many great fishing apps for smartphones out there, and we've just located one we think might be the best fishing app for iphone around. Designed by Australian kayak fishing fishing personality, Robbie Wells the Fish Boat Nav is packed with over 15 handy features, including a marine directory, comprehensive fish species guide, green zones, ability to save boat ramp locations and knotting guides to name a few.
Whether it's fly fishing, bass fishing, ocean fishing, deep sea, rock or even kayak fishing, Fish Boat Nav has you covered for your next boating, fishing and camping trip. Featuring an extensive fish species guide, Fish Boat Nav is the ultimate iPhone fishing app that can be used for fishing and boating.

The Google maps navigation function allows you to save hotspots to later revisit them, and if you're unsure of how to tie your lines, the fishing knots directory features all information to help point you in the right direction.

We really like the ability to take a photo of your catch and log it with the GPS navigation function so you can go back and fish your hotspot later.

Even if you're just camping, Fish Boat Nav is your total guide for locating fishing bait and tackle shops, with it’s in built marine directory that includes local accommodation listings, as well as restaurants.

 Here is a full list of Fish Boat Nav features (as published on the FishBoatNav website):

If you're out on the water and in trouble, utilize the 911 emergency functions to access a growing list of worldwide emergency phone numbers. Even if you're just camping, Fish Boat Nav is your total guide for finding fishing bait and tackle, with it’s in built marine directory.
  • US and Australian Coast Guards
  • Environmental Protection Agencies
  • Fish Watch
  • Volunteer Marine Rescue
  • Marine Safety,
  • River watch
  • Department of Fisheries
Almanac & Tides
Ever came back from a beach fish to find your boat high and dry out the rocks? We hope not. Featuring a regularly updated tides & almanac function, Fish Boat Nav updates tidal charts and nice catchweather conditions for you, so you’ll never again be caught by surprise out on the water again.
  • Peak fishing times
  • Tidal times & heights
  • Moon & Sun phases
  • Search by date and geographical area
  • Tidal clock, tells you how many hours until high tide and vice versa

Zoning & Maps
The Fish Boat Nav mapping features is the only fishing app available with real time GPS capabilities. Record exactly where you are via Google earth, screen your area for boating hazards, screen your current map view to see exactly where you are and what you recorded on previous trips in the area. Fish Boat Nav also shows fish caught, fishing hotspots, snags, obstacles and moorings green zones previously or near you, or choose all to see everything in your current map view.
  • Record fishing hotspots
  • Log your favourite mooring
  • Identify and record boating/marine obstaclesfraser island
  • Keep track of all your snag areas.
  • Locate boat ramps
  • Real-time green zone data, restricted areas, and environmental buffers
  • Record exact co-ordinates of catch location, including technique
Fish Boat Nav features a comprehensive fish identification guide that can be accessed from multiple areas within the app, including species, types of bait lure or fly, bag limits, size requirements and other regulations specific to the area you are fishing in.
  • Record fishing hotspots
  • Log your favourite mooring
  • Identify and record boating/marine obstacles
  • Keep track of all your snag areas.crazy fish
  • Locate boat ramps
  • Real-time green zone data, restricted areas, and environmental buffers
  • Record exact co-ordinates of catch location, including technique
Have you ever kicked yourself for missing the weather reports and found yourself soaked out at sea? We have, and that's why we designed Fish Boat Nav with an in-built weather feature, that is linked with weather bureaus the world over. Just say you went on a Barramundi fishing trip in Australia, and then went for a spot of Salmon fishing in Canada. By the time you'd arrive, the weather charts would have already been updated. From humidity, to precipitation, to wind speed, Fish Boat Nav has you covered.
  • Humidity & precipitation
  • Wind direction & speed
  • Swell direction & height
  • Access wind speed data up to the hour through Seabreeze
  • Current temperature and future forecasts

Boat Ramps
boat rampNever worry about finding a boat ramp again. Fish Boat Nav features an ever growing and comprehensive data-base with an every growing list of exact GPS locations for boat ramps around the world.
  • Save your favourite boat ramp, including distance to get there
  • Locate boat ramps (pending)
  • Take photo’s of the ramps location, for future reference
Marine Directory
Fish Boat Nav is supported by a complete A-Z marine directory that will not only find you accommodation, but will also direct you to your nearest bait & tackle outlet. If the fish aren’t biting and you’re looking for a restaurant, or a great spot for a picnic, Fish Boat Nav will happily point you in the right direction.
  • awesome fishLocate Bait & Tackle stores
  • Find local restaurant’s, accommodation, and boating outlets
  • Locate Chandlery’s the world over

Fish Boat Nav truly has it all, including a detailed marine and fishing knot directory. Our comprehensive knot database will walk you through step-by-step, having you tying the perfect braid, terminal, mono and marine knots in no time. Even if you’re a pro, Fish Boat Navs knot directory is the ultimate fishing utility for the most seasoned angler.
  • Terminal
  • Mono
  • Braid
  • Marine
fishing for children
Record all your favourite moorings and re-visit them at a later date all thanks to Fish Boat Nav. Take a photo of the area, send it to your mates and suggest the mooring to them on FacebookAccess all your saved moorings and even find moorings closest to you. Pretty handy for when mother nature flexes her muscle.
  • Record mooring co-ordinate's
  • Share mooring locations with friends
  • Identifies obstacles
Fish Details
Log all the catch info under the species with all relevant details such as date ,time, cruiserweight , length , how it was caught (lure ,bait ,fly details i.e.-color /type , number of fish caught) technique ,choose bottom structure, water column details . Fish Boat Nav even saves tide cycles, the temperature and exact GPS location with a detailed map of exactly where the fish was caught for future reference.
  • All you need to know fishing guide
  • Hints & tips
Location Details
Record every detail of your trip, whether its from your favourite hotspot in a murky estuary, off the coast down on the rocks, or even out on the open water. Hey, even if you were fishing for Salmon in the Canadian Rockies, you'd still be able record your exact location, and re-visit it later with Fish Boat Nav guiding you there.
  • Stores GPS data
  • Self guiding navigation tool
Calculatorred fish
Calculations for oil mix ratios can all be done through Fish Boat Nav, promoting cost-effective trip planning with this awesome apps in-built fuel consumption calculator. This function was designed by boaties, with the needs of boaties in mind, and its a truly awesome way to help you get the most out of your trip whilst saving money at the same time
  • Consumption calculator
  • Oil mix ratios
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
 To download this great fishing iphone app, visit the FishBoatNav website.

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