Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Holy Sh*t or Bull Sh*t? American Changes His Name to "Trout Fishing"

In our Holy Sh*t or Bull Sh*t" series, we look at some of the wierd and wonderful fishing and boating stories that circulate the' net and dig deep behind the hype to find out the truth. Whether it's big fish photos, crazy fishing videos or tall fishing stories - our fearless reporters  investigate and answer the question -  "Holy Sh*t" or just plain "Bull Sh*t"?

Today we received an email from regular reader Curt asking about a guy who just seemed to love his fishing a little too much:

" Hi fellas, last night me and a few mates were sitting around telling "strange but true" stories, and my mate Davo says there is this guy in America who changed his name to "Trout Fishing". Now we all love our fishing, but that's going just a bit to far - is it true?"

Thanks Curt, we know some of those "septics" can be crazy, but this seems a little bit too much to swollow. Would anyone really legally change his name to "Trout Fishing"? We've put one of our reporters on to this, and we'll shortly be revealing whether this crazy fishing name story is "Holy Sh*t or Bull Sh*t".

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  1. I find this very hard to believe. Even for an American