Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrity Interview - Max Burslem - One eye on the weather

Exclusive FishMax Interview

Beer and fishing - were two things ever made to go together more? One man who knows this as well as anyone is Australian brewing legend Max Burslem of Cascade Brewing Company.

After more than 40 years as Head Brewer at Australia's oldest brewery, Cascade Brewery in Tasmania, Max Burslem is "transitioning" in to his new role as "Transformation Manager" but one thing that won't be changing is Max's love of fishing.   Max takes a few minutes to share his views on fishing.

FM: What’s your earliest fishing memory
Fishing for Eels in Browns River at Kingston

FM: Where is your favourite fishing spot?
Adventure Bay Bruny Island

FM: Your best fishing story?
My wife falling out of the boat as we were about to put it back on the trailer

FM: Favourite fish recipe ?
Crayfish cooked straight from the cray pot on a wood fired barbeque outdoors

FM: What’s the biggest fish you’ve caught?
As long as they are size it does not matter how big they are. Size does not matter it’s the taste

FM: How often do you go fishing?
Average once a fortnight

FM: Where is the most exotic place you’ve been fishing?
Deep sea fishing off the Gold Coast

FM: Do you have a fishing tip you’re willing to share?
Check the weather forecast

Words: Stevo Perry Pics: Cascade Brewery

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