Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Honda Honwave Inflatables

Honwave inflatables have been designed specifically for use with Honda’s range of lightweight portable outboard engines.

The Honwave range are Manufactured from premium-quality PVC and encompass  models spanning 2-3m in length, packaged with Honda outboards from the BF2.3 to the BF15.

Three floor versions are available: slatted-deck – ultra-light and compact with large buoyancy chambers; aluminium-deck – rugged and ready to go with extra-large buoyancy chambers; and a revolutionary air V-floor version – light and fast, the deep-V hull design and vibration-dampening floor delivers a super-smooth ride.

Each Honwave inflatable features a reinforced fibreglass transom and seat, space-saving reserve tank fixed under the seat for safe weight distribution, ergonomic lifting handles, two-tone light colour design for heat reflection, safety handles, lifelines and a host of other functional features. Easy to fold and store in minutes, dual seating positions are also available on some models.

Packing enough punch to push a fully-laden Honwave inflatable to your moored vessel or to shore, Honda’s BF2.3 and BF5 are light enough to be carried back to your car, thanks to an ergonomic carry handle fitted to each engine.

Stepping up another notch, Honda’s BF8 and BF10 provide even more power, without any sacrifice in portability. A foldaway carry handle, positioned at the exact balance point of each engine, makes it easy to carry each outboard in a level position.

At 350cc, the large-displacement BF15 large provides optimum power for the largest Honwave model, making this boat the ultimate fun machine. The engine’s design makes it easy to tilt the engine when running in shallow water – be that cruising to shore for an island picnic or to a snorkelling or fishing destination on the reef.

Despite their size, these portable engines boast all the benefits of Honda’s advanced four-stroke technology – reliability, durability, miserly fuel consumption, quiet operation and environmental friendliness – backed by Honda’s long-standing five-year warranty.

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