2014 Christmas Gift Guide for Blokes

By now you've probably been asked a dozen times "what do you want for Christmas" or "What are you going to get your dad/brother/son for Christmas" and as usual your mates at FishMax are here to help.

We've put together a great range of suggestions in every price range, for the guy who loves the outdoors.

Water Buoy

This minute floatation device works as a life jacket for your keys. Compact enough to be your everyday keyring, the Water buoy inflates within seconds of falling in the water, and has a light which is visible from up to 250 metres away.

Available online from Yellow Octopus for $16.95

Trojan Swift Blade Hacksaw

Available at Bunning's this Hacksaw has to be the easiest we've ever seen when it comes to changing blades. A quick flick of the red lever and you've changed the blade and got the tension just right.  Built tough with a comfortable grip and good balance, this is a must for any fisho's tool kit.

Available at Bunnings for just $29.

Nautical Mile Hooded Towel

You've seen the kids where them but now you can get a stylish, luxurious "man sized" hooded towel. Perfect for the beach or boat, these towels are superior quality and 100% cotton.

Available from Nautical Mile for $79.

Eveready Dolphin LED Torch

Yes the Dolphin has been around since you were a kid, but there's a reason. They're tough. Very tough, and they're now even better, with Dolphin launching its brightest ever Dolphin LED Lantern torch.

We a high quality LED bulb which improves the efficiency of batteries, increasing run time by 6 times, the new Luxeon LED bulb never needs replacing and is 40% brighter than the previous model.

Available from Bunnings, Master,s Miter 10, Supercheap Auto, BCF and more for $27.99

Scrubba Wash Bag

If you're camping or sleeping on the boat for more than a day or two, you need the Scrubba wash bag, the world's first pocket-sized washing machine. Recently a winner of Gear Junkie's "Best in Show" from Outdoor Retailer 2013, the Scrubba wash bag is part of the greatest gear for 2014 and Forbes magazine also named it among the greatest gifts for travelers, so it is a perfect gift who blokes who like the great outdoors.

To wash clothes, simply add cleaning liquid and 2-3l of water, seal the bag, expel the air and rub for as little as 30 seconds (3 minutes provides a machine quality wash). Rinsing can be done in the bag or in the shower and then it is simply a matter of hanging the clothes to dry.

The Scrubba wash bag is  available from thescrubba.com.au for $64.95..

Maui Jim World Cup Marlin
Great eye protection is a must when you're fishing, but who said you can't look great as well? Maui Jim's new on the water collection is the result of meticulous research in to the needs of the serious water sport enthusiast. With patented PolarizedPlus2 technology and bi-gradient mirror to reduce the glare from above and below, these are some of the best fishing sunglasses we've worn, both on and off the water.

Even better, the lens materials are designed specifically to resist damage from seawater.

Available at leading sunglass retailers.

Pepperjack Barossa Shiraz 2012

There's no reason you can't enjoy a good red with your fish,  but sometimes you want a steak, and this big full flavoured red from South Australia's Barossa has gained a reputation for being the perfect accompaniment to read meat.

RRP$29.99 from all good liquor stores.

Reer Endz Underwear

It wouldn't be Christmas without a pair of jocks or two under the tree, but Australia's newest underwear range brings a sense of fun and designs for the outdoorsy type or sportsman which are comfortable as well as functional.

Available in both brief and trunk styles, visit the Rear Endz website to shop and to see the NRL players and other sportsmen who love the comfort and styles.

Scizza - Pizza Scissors

We all know how incredibly frustrating the traditional pizza wheel is - it just doesn't work! It never cuts right through your pizza, and you have to run the wheel back and forth trying to complete the cut, dragging the toppings from one side of the pizza to the other. All you end up doing is making a great big mess of your meal.

Scizza perfectly slices any pizza and serves!

Available from www.dreamfarm.com or selected retailers with an RRP of $34.95

EVAP - Rescue Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch

The Kensington EVAP is a must have in every fisho's emergency kit. It’s a wet electronics’ rescue pouch that saves any smartphone device from a drowned and doomed future – and 700% more effective than rice!

Having one of these on hand will give you peace of mind if the dingy flips reeling in a big catch!

Available online from Kensington for RRP $19.95

I Need Fish Mirrogram Shirt

A perfect gift for all those with a fishing problem. This shirt normally reads "I need Fish" but then changes in the mirror to read "I need help"

Ethically made, each shirt is WRAP certified and printed in Australia. This shirt was designed by Mirrogram® clothing, the worlds first reflective fashion label.

Buy online at http://ontheflipside.shirtstore.net.au

Para'Kito - Mosquito Protection

100% natural and eco-friendly insect and mosquito deterrent, Para'Kito, diffuses a blend of 7 essential oils extracted from plants including lavender, geranium, citronella, pine tree, patchouli, clove and peppermint. These oils mask the presence of humans from mosquitoes for 15 days; essentially making us invisible, even if you go swimming!

Para'Kito is safe and perfect for people with sensitive skin, leaves no odour like other mosquito deterrents and comes in a variety of designs and colours.

 Available from selected pharmacies and outdoors stores. RRP $24.95.


This awesome Nerf gun will help you win the nerf battle against friend and foe, delivering motorized  rapid-fire  blasting  for  awesome  dart-firing action with an distance of up  to 20 metres. 

It's  fast and easy  to get  ready, get moving, and get blasting with this Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster.  Load the 18 Elite Darts into the  see-through  clip,  then  attach  the  clip  to  the  blaster.  Hold the acceleration trigger to power up the motor, then pull the launch trigger to let the darts fly fast and far!

Available at leading retailers RRP$64.99

Quintrex 420 Busta

Christmas is a perfect time to shout yourself a new tinnie, and for a solid little work horse, you can't go past the Quinnie Busta.

Featuring the Quintrex Millennium Hull, the 420 Busta is a great entry level tinnie, ready to take you and your mates on a day of fishing adventures. Featuring casting platform, carpeted low floor and side pockets, there is enough room in this 4.27 metre long model to fit all the fishing gear as well as seat 4 people comfortably, all at an affordable price.

Visit Quintrex.com.au for details

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