Friday, November 22, 2013

Honey Let's Buy a Boat!

Now there are words that many a man has uttered, and unfortunately a few have lived to regret.

Australian author Darren Finkelstien has written a great book which will hopefully help any prospective boat owner identify the possible pitfalls and Darren sure knows his boats, he's been messing about in boats for most of his life. For the past 10 years he has earned his living in the industry as Dealer Principal of St Kilda Boat Sales in Melbourne.

Recently he took to a computer keyboard with the single and simple aim of demystifying a process that is his passion. "I wanted to let everyone know that buying and owning a boat is not a massive hurdle," says Darren. "If you apply some common sense and seek good advice, you and your family can be out on the water enjoying the boating lifestyle."

The result is "Honey, let's buy a BOAT!", a straightforward guide through the seeming maze of power boat purchasing.

"Honey, let's buy a BOAT!" is a 360-page book packed with information both general and comprehensive.
It includes a detailed description of 20 different kinds of power boats, from the simple tinnie to the massive Flybridge Cruisers. Each includes a pricing guide as well as engine and accommodation options.

There is a section on hull construction types ‐ aluminium or fibreglass ‐ along with the positive and negative points of each, a guide to the plethora of engine options and a straightforward explanation of berthing options. Do you store it in your shed or your yard, rent a garage or rent a berth at a marina? What is a dry-stack or a hard stand?

Each chapter is illustrated with photographs and Darren has added useful tips throughout the narrative, from a warning about trailer brakes to a tip on flushing an outboard engine.

He has provided tables for working out the full cost of boat ownership and an entire chapter each on the process for buying a boat at the best price and value (they are not necessarily the same) and selling your boat for the best price.

You can buy this great book online just in time for Christmas at  for $29.95 + P&H.

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