Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hot Tips to catch more fish

Ever wondered what the Pro's know about fishing that you don't? Well the answer is not really a secret. Talk to all the successful amateur and professional sports fishermen in Australia and they will tell you it's the fundamentals that you have to focus on. Here are 6 tips we've put together to help you focus on those fishing fundamentals:

  •  Use Fresh Bait! The fresher the better, live bait when possible.
  • Fish love structure! Throw your line as near as possible to structure.
  • Timing is everything! Fish early morning or late afternoon, particularly during a new or full moon and at the tide changes.
  • Fish light! Use as a light tackle as you can get away with for the target species .
  • Sharp hooks catch fish. Either sharpen them yourself or use chemically sharpened hooks.
  • Hooking is easy, landing is hard. Use a good landing net or gaff.
  • Keep these fundamentals in mind and your fishing will improve almost immediately.

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