Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Fish, Small Boats – Who wouldn't love it!

We're very much looking forward to new Channel One TV Show, "Big Fish, Small Boats" making its Australian television premiere this September.

Long-term Honda ambassador and Team Honda Marine Pro Angler, Al McGlashan, goes on a mission to catch some of the biggest, wildest and weirdest fish in the country. Battling massive seas and seemingly endless oceans, Al and his motley crew go to ridiculous lengths for a chance at hooking-up.

Better still, all the fishing is out of small boats, making it all the more challenging and very entertaining!

Big Fish, Small Boats encapsulates the true passion of Australian angling. The footage is spectacular both above and below the surface, which is destined to inspire everyone – even those who have never been fishing.

From freaky hairtail in suburban Sydney Harbour to record-sized southern bluefin tuna miles out to sea, huge kingfish and that globally-recognised encounter with a giant squid (the squid is now on display in the Australian Museum), Big Fish, Small Boats has it all.

Al’s passion for fishing and the outdoors is legendary – his wild antics even more so! From swimming with massive mako sharks and giant tuna to close encounters with the biggest fish in the ocean, Al takes you there… and will give you a whole new appreciation of the underwater realm.

On top of this, Al and the team go beyond the call of duty working with marine researchers on their quest to unlock the secrets of the ocean. These ongoing groundbreaking discoveries will assist in the global management of many fish species.

As Al puts it: “No other show goes to such lengths with such passion!”

Big Fish, Small Boats is scheduled to air on ONE at 6pm each Sunday, beginning THIS SUNDAY 16 September. For more, refer to your local television guides or visit:

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